Cambodian Academic Network (CAN) or simply called CAN CAMBODIA is a non-profitable, non-governmental, non-religious, researching and educational association founded in October 2008 by Cambodian students who are pursuing higher education in different institutions worldwide. Initially, it is a network for electronic gathering of academic information, researches papers, academic books; as well as intellectuals, graduate students, professors, researchers and general people from whom have interested in Cambodia. CAN is a hub of Cambodian intellectuals, researchers, graduate students, professors, teachers and professionals residing around the globe.

The age of Enlightenment has phenomenally ameliorated the peace and prosperity of the modern world. It has drastically reshaped our future. The current rapid changes of information technology, economy, social, culture and politics necessarily require us the strengths and capacity to understand, to benefit from it as well as to cope it. CAN CAMBODIA have cordially manufactured to mitigate the shortfalls of globalization, to gain profits from this changing trend, particularly to have a strong concrete base for present free marketing economy competitiveness.


CAN CAMBODIA envisions a just, peaceful and sustainable society in which people live with full dignity and wisdom.


CAN CAMBODIA’s mission is to build the very vibrant, creative and productive network of scholars in both internet online and printing news to focus on contemporary issues so that everyone is capable to play a critical role to influence the public mind and shape our society.

The main objectives are:
(1) To develop network among Cambodian educators, scholars, researchers, students (graduated, current and prospective students) including the experts on Cambodia for a long term cooperation and exchange of ideas, academic provision, and social participation;

(2) To gather and disseminate academic papers and documents on, and of interest to Cambodia in order to assist researching, learning, teaching, and publishing in Cambodia;

(3) To foster friendly relations among Cambodian scholars and the experts on Cambodia around the globe;

(4) To capitalize human resource for sustainable and equitable development in the contemporary competitive world in the fields of social, culture, economic, politics and technology in Cambodia.

(5) To centralize the hub of academic communication among informed citizens that can provide backup documents to Cambodian main institutions focusing on social, economic and political issues in the contemporary world.


“Any score of achievement of CAN CAMBODIA is the collective accomplishment that has no one free from this complimentary beneficial pride.”

“You don’t need superpowers or millions of dollars to change Cambodia or the world and even save lives, but start doing positive good things for both yourself and others each day.”

“Together we can make a better Cambodia.”

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