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Letter to the Editor of Phnom Penh Post about the Return of H.E.Sam Rainsy

The Return of Sam Rainsy and the Unresolved Challenges

Dear Editor;

Sophan letter, The Post, July 19The futurists, the pragmatists and the traditionalists are now engaged in the state of strategic debate about today’s return to Cambodia of HE Sam Rainsy, after receiving a letter of pardon from the King of Cambodia.

The Futurists

This pardon is not something new as this same type of thing has happened before in Cambodian politics.

The pressure from the international community, especially the special resolution debated in the congressional’s subcommittees and the omnipresent rallies of overseas Cambodians worldwide served as more than just a spectacle for the Cambodian People’s Party in relation to their decision to request this pardon.

The term of “national reconciliation” has been used abstractly as political propaganda. However, the ruling party is stunted by the growing support, on a daily basis, of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP).

The Pragmatists

The argument for this side is about the realistic situation happening in Cambodia right now. The unification of Sam Rainsy Party and Human Rights Party to form the CNRP is a very constructive model in the perception of Khmer unity and national reconstruction. Publicly, many NGOs in Cambodia have gradually pledged to vote for the CNRP. These movements don’t include those businessmen and individual Cambodians, especially the youth, who are cheerfully expressing support.

For the opposition party who has survived through the generous financial support from Cambodians overseas, this is the most crucial time to raise funds from those diaporas.

Pragmatists see the returning of Sam Rainsy as very positive for the party because it is sure to boost its popularity. While Sam Rainsy has been known for his historical courage, clean record and integrity in Cambodian politics, HE Kem Sokha who is deputy of CNRP has been known for his formidable public-speaking skills and his sharp political instincts.

The return to Cambodia of Sam Rainsy from self-exile, while avoiding a lengthy jail term, raises major concerns about his safety and access to full political freedom. Taking Philippine’s Leader Benigno Aquino as the example after returning to his home country from exile in the US, we don’t want to see this incident happen in Cambodia. More than this, HE Sam Rainsy must be able to exercise his full political career in Cambodia by including him in the voting list and candidate rolls.

The support of the intellectuals, youth and urban citizens for the CNRP can be countered with those rural Cambodians who support the ruling party. CNRP has difficulty in garnering support in those remote areas, while the media that reaches them are visibly dominated by the ruling party.

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Historical heroic greeting of the Khmer Politician in this 21st Century

However, many young participants gave interview through the media said that “the power of money cannot defeat the power of spirit or ទឹកលុយមិនឈ្នះទឹកចិត្ត”; and saying goes “please look at Cambodia with your wisdom eyes, not by naked flesh eyes or សូមក្រលេកមើលកម្ពុជាដោយបញ្ញាចក្ខុ កុំមើលកម្ពុជាដោយមំសៈចក្ខុ”, or “moral support retained more efficacy than other means of political supports or ការគាំទ្រផ្លូវស្មារតីអាចមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពជាងរាល់សំភារៈនយោបាយផ្សេងទៀត.”

While Phnom Penh Post highlighted the main page titled “unprecedented turnout greets Rainsy”, Cambodia Daily titled “Rainsy Returns to Largest Opposition Rally Ever”, thus I  would like to title it “Historical heroic greeting of the Khmer politician in this 21th century”. I collected below videos and photos for library profile and reflect them as time permitted.

Sam Rainsy Return

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Sam Rainsy Return 1

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Sam Rainsy Return 2

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

People say “pictures speak truth hundred words”. In the same time “live videos speak truth thousand words”. Both videos and pictures above speak truth hundred thousands words.


It is true that Cambodian people, both young and old, rich and poor, are flocking to greet H.E.Sam Rainsy in his returning to home country from his self-imposed exile to avoid 11 years jail attempt. The greeting organizer planed for 40,000 members only, but the participants skyrocketed up 1 million according to the latest source from the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP).

– This unprecedented crowd tells us that Cambodian people need CHANGE in political leadership and governance system for a better future.

– This fever crowd is brave to stand up for their ideal, conscience, belief and self-determination (as majority of those participants were not invited or hired to come).

– This enthusiastic crowd is the manifestation of bravery act of H.E.Sam Rainsy in protecting the Khmer territory border land with Vietnam, not a criminal act as accused. The trial has spoken truth to Khmer conscience and mentality. It is another evidence that no one can distort the real interest of the Khmer nation from the Khmer people.

– This cheerful crowd is a testimony of Khmer people who fully value the mode of unification. The marriage of two parties into one big party is an ideal symbol of Khmer unity nationwide.

– You might have more words to decode from those videos and photos…

As said, this new party created by combining two democratic parties are seen as lacking many things such as finance, strong administration, and media coverage for its policy etc. is actually unparalleled to its contender, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) who has everything in hand.

However, many young participants gave interview through the media said that “the power of money cannot defeat the power of spirit or ទឹកលុយមិនឈ្នះទឹកចិត្ត”; and saying goes “please look at Cambodia with your wisdom eyes, not by naked flesh eyes or សូមក្រលេកមើលកម្ពុជាដោយបញ្ញាចក្ខុ កុំមើលកម្ពុជាដោយមំសៈចក្ខុ”, or “moral support retained more efficacy than other means of political supports or ការគាំទ្រផ្លូវស្មារតីអាចមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពជាងរាល់សំភារៈនយោបាយផ្សេងទៀត.”

Thus, the Phnom Penh Post on its news titled “Hero’s welcome for returning Rainsy” wrote that [“It’s time for a change,” Ministry of Education staffer Le Hour, 32, told the Post amid the crowd. “In the office, I’m CPP, but I don’t really support their policies.”

Asked if he thought the CNRP now stood a chance in light of Rainsy’s return, he expressed optimism, with a caveat.

“If the election is free and fair, he will win.”]

This description mainly tends to point out that Leadership Skill is about self-reflection that from seeing such unprecedented crowd showed up in greeting an opposition leader, the ruling party must look at themselves twice or several times. And if the ruling party wish to see the brighter future and collective interest of the nation, they must accommodate FAIR PLAY in the election.

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H.E. Sam Rainsy Kneeled Down to Kiss His Cambodian Motherland

H.E.Sam Rainsy is kneeling down to kiss his motherland (land, soil and earth). Of course, Cambodia land is belonging to every Cambodian. But his gesture in love and homesick by such kneeling down, kissing the ground and in tears dropping down in the moment tells every Cambodian that “the bone and blood of our ancestors have become this land for all Cambodians to live till today”.

All Cambodians must love this land, take care this land and sacrifice for this land at any margin of life cost.

I could not stop my tears and I must wipe them out several times…I think you all experience the same.

If we are honest and ready to sacrifice for our beloved land, our name and our cause will be immortal. More than that, the expression of H.E.Sam Rainsy is a sign of winning at all struggles.

Lord Buddha pointed to the land as his witness when Mara (devils) tried to claim back his seat of Enlightenment. Finally, Mara was defeated and Buddha fulfilled his Attainment.

H.E.Sam Rainsy kissed the land

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Let the Cambodia earth witness for the Sam Rainsy

Photo courtesy: Facebook

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Election Watch: King of Cambodia signed a pardon for a safe return and the next challenge

Kind Pardon 1

Courtesy: public sharing

Kind Pardon 2

Courtesy: public sharing

Sam Rainsy return message

Courtesy: public sharing

Eventually, a deal has been made on the spirit of national unity and INCLUSIVE POLITICS in Cambodia. In the same day of pardoning letter requested by the Prime Minister, the King signed a pardon on July 12, 2103 to ensure safe return of prominent opposition leader, H.E. Sam Rainsy, president of the largest opposition party: Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) to his political career.

Needless to say on the inquiry of both Cambodians and national communities, the presence of H.E.Sam Rainsy in Cambodia is imperative for fair and free election of this upcoming national election July 28, 2013. But his just return is meaningless to this NATIONAL ELECTION if he is not included into the voting list and electoral candidate. Inclusive politics would be the feasibility of including H.E.Sam Rainsy into the voting list and eligibility of running an electoral candidate within this time constraint.

National unity means inclusion. Exclusion is not an element for any unity process. Putting the interests of the nation first is the soundest scenario and it challenges the behavior of greed, nepotism and fear. National Election Committee (NEC) will be the important player to ensure that Cambodia is heading towards the INCLUSIVE UNITY by ensuring fair and free election to including H.E.Sam Rainsy into the electoral candidate at this time.

By Sophoan Seng, founder of Leadership Skills and Freelancer