Steps in conducting a social survey

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Issue(s) to be researched

Review literature/theories relating to topic/area

Formulate research question(s)

Consider whether a social survey is appropriate (if not, consider an alternative research design)

Consider what kind of population will be appropriate

Consider what kind of sample design will be employed

Explore whether there is a sampling frame that can be employed

Decide on sample size

Decide on mode of administration (face to face; telephone; postal; e-mail; Web)

Develop questions (and devise answer alternatives for closed questions)

Review questions and assess face validity

Pilot questions

Revise questions

Finalize questionnaire/schedule

Sample from population

Administer questionnaire/schedule to sample

Follow up non-respondents at least once

Transform completed questionnaires/schedules into computer readable data (coding)

Enter data into statistical analysis program like SPSS

Analise data

Interpret findings

Consider implications of findings for research questions

Original reference source: Alan Bryman. 2004. P.85, Second Edition, Oxford University Press

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