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How much do you know about Buddhism?

Buddhism was found by Buddha (Enlightened One) in the year of 589 before Christ (BC.) on Vesakha Day, Full Moon, B.E. 1 at Bodhi Gaya, present India. The essence of Buddhism particularly handles the problems of living. Buddha has initiated to explore the meaning of life and he attained this life research eventually. Any one who has followed the Buddha’s pathways, they can attain the ultimate meaning or Truth of life like Him.

To comprehend Buddhism and to become a Buddhist, one should learn about the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

The Buddha

Buddha himself is not a sin redeemer but an Enlightenment policy maker. He is a Truth founder and an icon of Enlightenment. Enlightenment or Buddha nature omnipresently exists. When people have engaged in Buddhism, they can grasp this reality in their mind and heart.

Buddha is known as Gautama Sakyamuni. Lakhmi Narasu described Him that “Gautama Sakyamuni is generally spoken of as the founder of the Dharma. But Sakyamuni himself refers in is discourses to Buddhas who had preached the same doctrine before him. Nor can we speak of the Buddha as the founder of Buddha in the same sense as we speak of the founder of Christianity or Mahometanism. Their founder is essentially supernatural being; he is the incarnation of the son of God, who no other than God himself.”

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