Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha is remained a locus for political game of divide and conquer

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Reading article by Alex Willemyns of the Phnom Penh Post today titling “waiting game pays off“, has

Hun Sen wrote to King for political pardoning on Kem Sokha. Courtesy: facebook

Hun Sen wrote to King for political pardoning of Kem Sokha. Courtesy: Facebook

troublesome intrigued human instinct to the smell of “immature politics” and “playing into the projected plan” of Cambodia political arena. Viewing through these video clips live-showed by Sam Rainsy’s facebook page, we could smell the immature behaviour of many uniforms dressed up by some youths in yellow colour illustrating the effort to bring Human Right Party (HRP) into stage or it is understood as a message of unsettle unionization between HRP and Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) into CNRP which is a postpartum since 2012. This assumption might be irrelevant but public stunt has always been making their own common sense as well as using their own judgmental rights like what H.E. Kem Sokha said in the first video clip at 50:40 minutes. He adamantly confirmed the royal pardoning has no string or anything in exchange in the following. Thus, he is soft or muting in his ever-made public speech on unity or Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha is one and individable etc. Drafting speech can go wrong out of core topic but this first public speech after the pardoning is really significantly needing him to claim the bonding as it is remained strong. Sorry that he should not miss this point but we understand the situation.

In contrast, H.E. Sam Rainsy through video-conferencing from Germany reaffirmed the importance of

In the same day, King stamped on letter of pardoning. Courtesy: Facebook

In the same day, King stamped on letter of royal pardoning. Courtesy: Facebook

bonding together to achieve the upcoming election in another 21:01 minutes video clip. The locus of game “divide and conquer” has triggered since the first day of returning back to the parliament when Kem Sokha lamented of his uneasiness to ascend to this scenario. Hence, his acceptance as a prestigious first vice president of the Assembly immatured many of his loyalists to stay on doubts on the “culture of dialogue” between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy. As a lesson learnt, both CNRP leaders used broad public speeches to criticize Hun Sen at helm until Hun Sen turned to his heritage sword: a strong man or an undemocratic strategies to jail, to attack, or to convict opposition leaders respectively. Cambodian citizens have viewed this game-play as a childish behaviour as key reforms and fighting against corruption have failed indisputably by Hun Sen’s leadership. Both Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha have learnt precious lesson on how the politics without principles have been pervasively operated under Hun Sen’s leadership. And it is like a life and death political scene which is visibly solely existing in Cambodia!

At the end, not major Cambodian citizens including Alex Willemyns have been trapped inside this

Thank you letter that Kem Sokha sent to Hun Sen one day before the pardoning letter arrived. Courtesy: Facebook

Thank you letter that Kem Sokha sent to Hun Sen one day before the pardoning letter arrived. Courtesy: Facebook

vacuum of none-principle political game. But major young voters including Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha have been well aware of living with it but being pragmatic about it. Major Cambodian citizens from all political tendencies have desired to having politics with principle as well as establishing a state with strong institution, so that their young children can enjoy future sustainability. Now, Hun Sen is calculating his chess game on bringing Sam Rainsy’s cowardliness to return back country and border’s scheme of changing constitution chapter II in order to likely weaken Sam Rainsy and lift up Kem Sokha, while the play of bringing sex scandal and enthroning Kem Sokha in high prestigious first vice president of Assembly couldn’t convince Sam Rainsy’s players to jump in.

National Budget Plan 2017 of Cambodia Government to renew poor education reform

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 87

Courtesy: NotEnoughGood

Courtesy: NotEnoughGood

This part (87), Mr. Sophan analysed on Budget Plan 2017 sent by the government of Cambodia for approval from the parliament. As he focused on poor engagement and low budget allocation to the Ministry of Education, the bamboo shoots of future old bamboos is just a useful rhetoric for Cambodia. His recommendations has covered large topic of child development.

From now on, Cambodian children should be taken care and infused following indicators to ensure they are truly young bamboo seeds for old bamboos:

  • Emotional maturity (ភាពចាស់ចិត្តចាស់គំនិត): students-centered pedagogy and allowing more space for children to play and learn from their own intuitive is better than to having teacher keep eyes on them as well as lead them in all time. Good teachers will teach students to seek knowledge by themselves by facilitating road-map for them. Schools of early childhood learning is exactly a playground. Children love to play, and they are grown up from such plays.
  • Social competence(សមត្ថភាពសង្គម): working as a team is imperative to imply in this real world, not a dream world. Cambodian schools are good in helping students to walk alone into the uncertainty of their future. Many times, this model has failed students to incorporate with others in achieving common goals, and conflicts as well as violence has always happened in Cambodian society because of lacking team-building. Many world’s important days and holidays of the nation, are good in calendar and students are likely forced to memorize them. But in developed countries, pre-school students, kindergarten to grade 5, are involving with those days by different classroom activities such as drawing, visualizing, photo-copying, imagining, analyzing, and school tripping to those sites etc. It it normal to hearing students take turn to speak on microphone about the daily schedule and reporting news during each important session of schooling. It is normal to see students take care other students and helping them with traffic etc.
  • Physical health and well-being(កាយពលនិងសុខមាលភាព): lacking nutrition and hygiene are one part, but school with no playground and community with no recreation center etc. are the most unaware by the government in bringing physical health, mental health, and well-being of the students.
  • Communication skills and general knowledge(កំរិតទំនាក់ទំនងគ្នាល្អនិងចំណេះដឹងទូទៅ): my personal experience from grade 12 has been a live memo as I couldn’t communicate anything useful with the outside world at all. I cannot apply my knowledge from school with the real world at all. I asked myself that as I was a number one student in classroom on both math and literature made me shy, none-confrontational, avoiding, and unproductive at work like this or what?
  • Language and cognitive development(ការអភិវឌ្ឍន៌ជំនាញភាសានិងបញ្ញាញាណ): in developed countries, students are encouraged to learn at least two languages. Many universities accept students with bilingual or multilingual only. Researches found ability to speak many languages assure students’ high competency.

The border scheme and the controversial map between Cambodia and Vietnam

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Recalling the Scheme:

Recently, the scene of Cambodia politics has shifted from violence-pro activities orchestrated by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet towards discussing sensitive issue each competitive political party is

Courtesy: Phnom Penh Post in Khmer Language

Courtesy: Phnom Penh Post in Khmer Language

challenging to draw attention from the public for election support. As the matter of fact, CNRP has been cornered by Prime Minister Hun Sen in many aspects: after CNRP MPs entered the Parliament building, the “culture of dialogue” was promoted between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy by leaving Khem Sokha in limbo; but while this approach is not meaningful for Hun Sen, the violence habit did occur instantly such as pro-CPP violent demonstrators to oust Khem Sokha from first vice president of the Assembly, and the severe physical attack on two CNRP MP members namely Nhay Chamroeun and Kong Sophea; the use of court to convict and jail both top leaders: Sam Rainsy and Khem Sokha, and the continual measures to tightening the politics of threat towards all CNRP’s members.

While the political misbehaviour of Prime Minister and his Cabinet has been unable to be checked by the State’s institution, the mischievous actions don’t translate righteousness to Prime Minister at all in order to maintain his long term political career on behalf of CPP party chief as well as in front of millions of Cambodian voters who have been concerting towards “change” for this country through the power of “ballot”.

Engagement between the Youngs and the Olds in Cambodia:

Courtesy: Cambodia Daily

Courtesy: Cambodia Daily

While the technical issue of map has longed of its disarray on the border demarcation between Cambodia and Vietnam, as now it is appearing for a public stunt, the disclosure of private conversation between Hun Sen and Thy Sovantha aka petite advisor Prime Minister called during whatsapp chatting, has significantly overhauled the violence’s status quo and it has likely been attempted to be forgotten. The chatting was uncertain at the beginning but after more leaks have come to the public especially the chatting between Thy Sovantha with Hun Manith, son of Hun Sen who is holding special position in the government as FBI-like department, to organize force to topple and humiliate opposition’s leaders unlawfully, the online childish-like chit-chatting is assumed genuine. Through those lengthy chit-chatting, one could summarize the topics are from personal health check, to family members linkage, to plans of toppling and intimidating opponents, and to disbursing one million of dollars to cover up Thy Sovantha’s assigned tasks etc.

What is intriguing for the public and Cambodian observers is the chit-chatting between grandpa and grandchild sounds non-serious, nonsensical, and miscellaneously. But the outcomes from such miscellaneous has surely shivered the opponents on prospective violence that have been running unchecked by the State. As the secrete has embodied to the public, the action plans from this unlawful activity might be undeterred, and the youngs are visibly exploited by the olds at the highest.

Cambodia’s Border Scheme through lens of the Pragmatists, the Conservationists, and the Whistle-blowers:

Courtesy: RFA Khmer Service

Courtesy: RFA Khmer Service

After listening to RFA in Khmer services for their “call-in-show-forum” program (as recorded in youtube here), listeners might be serious, entertained, or sitting idle as usual. The five guests have expressed their diverse opinions among one is representing government (sic), and other four are representing non-governmental citizens; unfortunately, we didn’t have one official representation of the government to the show. With explicit ardent interrogative questions from the host, Mr. Chun Chanbot, Sam Rainsy who is president of the CNRP has exhibited his pragmatism into the issue more than other elses. His approach to always anticipating “dialogue” to keep the flame alive over all sensitive issues within Cambodian contexts. His firm stance on protecting Cambodia interests doesn’t mean he must reject other alternative scenarios.

The border’s scheme between Cambodia and Vietnam, like it or not, it has become a play full of fever audience, screaming, exploitation, and deadly consequences. For static conservationists, the great past of Cambodia must be revitalized while their actions and plans are not tabled to discuss on how and when we are going to achieve it. For whistle-blowers, the noisy street talkers are usual in their daily business, while the doers are always facing searing deadlock. As a leader of more than half of total country-population voters, Sam Rainsy has scrupulously stepped ahead many steps to ensure the boat is vital leading to “ballot” power in 2017 and 2018. In short, the triggering scenario from Prime Minister must be attentively conveyed although we don’t know how much PM has seriously studied on such proposal, but it is a politics which means so much on its consistent changing moment to always anchor the momentum. The agreement between Cambodia and Vietnam to propose legal map from France government to judge on all odds of border demarcation irregularities between the two states is heard from government’s rhetoric, but till today we have not seen any public note or transparency from such agreement. If government’s border-related department don’t disclose the agreement to officially request map from France, and if none of the other Cambodian parties have joint this task-force, the business of border politics is not different from those static conservationists and street talkers.

Cambodia needs a “complete one-package framework” to solve border scheme as well as to alter borderline politicization that has always hindered sustainable growth of Cambodia.

Comparative Study of Election System of Cambodia and the United States

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Op-Ed: The CEROC

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 86

This part (86), Mr. Sophan described some pros and cons of electoral system of USA while this system is better off comparing to the existing system of Cambodia. With its complex election system employing “winner take all”, “electoral college”, and “autonomy of election body in each state” etc. have led to deepening attempt to understand this system.

us-electoral-collegeResearchers and academics agreed on this system as a not-genuine-democratic election. Those have believed in hybrid democracy than pure democracy. The United States is well-known for its leading example of democracy, but their election system doesn’t translate pure democracy. The system has truly accommodated a politics of pragmatism and necessity. Each state has its own electors (representatives) limited in numbers by the federal government (constitution?) although it is not logical as some states have more population but minimal in numbers of electors while other states less population but maximal in numbers of electors. For instance, California comprises of population over 38 million or 38,332,521 residents with 55 electors or we could approximate 696,954 for per elector, while Wyoming has about 582,658 residents with 3 electors or we could approximate only 194,219 for per elector. The “electoral college” and “winner-take-all” don’t help to symbolize a representative of direct voters (citizens) at all. Or academics call it a proportional election system of indirect democracy (sic).

Hence, if we try to compare election system of the United States with Cambodia, we can see many flaws Cambodia election system is not comparable with.

  • Independence of Election Committee of the United States is truly independent as their court is independent and just. This independence indicator is puzzling to see how Cambodia National Election Committee is facing pressure while the court is under government’s upper-hand.
  • Financial Control Laws on Political Parties of the United States are very rigid. Each presidential candidate can raise funds to boost their campaign as such fundraising activities must comply with the laws. This financial control is imperative to ensure “level playing field” in the United States. This scenario is in contrast in Cambodia in which the government-led party has enjoyed free ride of using money to run their political activities while the opposition party is financed by donation in kind from members and using major personal expenses to cover up the ride.

Conversation between Hun Sen and Thy Sovantha or aka Petite Advisor

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Ms. Thy Sovantha and Phe Sovannarith uploaded at least 408 pictures phone-screened the conversation between Prime Minister Hun Sen and Ms. Thy Sovantha through Whatsapp. If the conversation peer is genuine, there are many info to be learnt about dirty tricks in politics galvanized by Hun Sen to weaken his opponent, CNRP’s leaders. Below are some of the recent selective chatting sheets.

hs-1 hs-2 hs-3





hs-6 hs-7 hs-8








hs-11 hs-12 hs-13-to-2023





hs-16-swearing hs-17 hs-18





hs-21 hs-22 hs-23





hs-26 hs-27 hs-28



















Photos courtesy: Phe Sovannarith’s Facebook

Reflection of Election in the United States and in Cambodia

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Op-Ed: The CEROC

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 85

This part (85), Mr. Sophan articulated on the hot debate of electoral college system of the US by exposing some pros and cons and making a comparison with Cambodia election system.



While the Presidential election is nationwide conducting in the United States, the Electoral College system is not different from party-list or proportional system of Cambodia. As Americans don’t vote for president candidate directly, Cambodians voters don’t vote for Prime Minister directly as well. Hence, each state has their own unique election system but the local representatives are having small riding base/place sizing to that of commune or ward level, not a large provincial level like in Cambodia.

Among those distinctions, the finance laws on political party especially campaigning funds for each presidential candidate has been well coped by the state. This is different from Cambodia that we are not having such mechanism in each election. And the level playing field is not existing in Cambodia.

According to national archive of the United States, Electoral College system enabling solidarity of this vast country and their Founding Father had established it within Constitution several hundreds years ago. Its aim is to ensure a-not-dividable federal United States of America.