Conclusion of Annual Meeting and Scholarship Awarding

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Op-Ed: Khmer Youth

First of all, I would like to thank the Abbot and Bhikkhu monks of the temple, the executive committees of the Cambodian Canadian Association, the executive committees of the Khmer Canadian Buddhist Cultural Society, the executive committees of the Khmer Canadian Senior Association and the executive committees of the advisory board including all scholarship recipients, students, parents and participants today.

The annual meeting was overviewed and summarized by the President in his remark on how wonderful tasks have been accomplished within this 2012 and it is the concrete pavement for 2013 as well. There are 10 activities that KCYAA has undertaken. Among those, two activities were incorporated with other associations while the rests are proudly organized by the excellent team leaders.

For the overall presentation of the 2012 activities and accomplishment, please click on this link

More than this, Vichet who is the Secretary gave detailed speech to the audiences for the Action Plan 2013 that has been endorsed by the executive members. Future plan is the framework of the Khmer Youths Association. Without outlining future plan and achievable framework, we don’t think we have done a proper thing. Planning is very important to looking forward for change and minimize risk for that change.

Pleace Click this Link for Action Plan 2013 of the Khmer Youth Association

After the spectacular presentations by each executive committee on their parts of works and responsibilities, the session was followed by the awarding scholarship to more than 6 recipients presented. This scholarship awarding offered the great motivation for Cambodian Canadian children to pursue their school excellence and looking for high education such as college, professional development and university. From last three years, the recipients have enrolled in various universities, in college and working within various profession within Canadian competitive society. Not only that is visibly impacting their personal strive for success, some of them are engaging with the community by joining with the Youth Executive Committees as well. This is the over expectation from our scholarship program.

At the end, the event was joyful with the Bowling Event. Everyone had fun after hard work at school and working places. This fun activity has created an invaluable space for youths to create network within their interest group and for parents to engage with their children. We strongly believe in the power of networking and effective communication.

Thank you very much everyone for your participation and hard work.

Sophan Seng


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