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Critical/Analytical Thinking

Critical Thinking

One of the crucial goals of education is to permeate critical thinking for students. You are engaging in process of critical thinking when you weigh evidence, analyze points of view, and evaluate the outcomes of a decision. Critical thinking requires you to judge thing reasonably about issues by considering evidence and using clear criteria to guide your decisions. Those criteria including consider all relevant evidence, develops criteria for making reasoned judgments, make judgments on the basis of these criteria, and works on developing the character traits, or habits of mind that promote effective decision making.

Actually, you make choices every day — at school, at home, with friends, and at work. For example, you may need to decide whether to join an after-school activity, whether to support a friend in demonstration, or how to plan your courses for the year.

Utilizing criteria to guide your decisions will help you achieve in school. Furthermore, the benefits of utilizing criteria to guide your decisions go well beyond the social studies classroom. Developing effective criteria will ensure that you make the most effective choices when faced with challenges in all aspects of your life.

Habits of Mind

Habits of mind to promote critical thinking and effective decision making are essential. Whether you are completing a social studies assignment or dealing with other challenges, these habits of mind can help you achieve success at school and in life.

What habits of mind or critical thinking you have pursued?

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