In the Search of Hollywood Movie on the “Great Khmer Empire”

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By pisethz

There was a short brief about the Hollywood movie production in Cambodia “The Great Khmer Empire” in its 3 years project was on debate around August-September 2010. I am hopping to see this movie at the cinema as soon as they complete.

For there are many famous stars Hollywood stars performing in this movie such as John Cena and Angelina Jolie.

Selecting from different sources such as Video Of Interview With Thomas Magyar On “Great Khmer Empire” Movie by khmerbird,

It was mentioned in the local printed media saying that this movie project will cost US$70 million movie in Cambodia one of the highest breaking record for movie in the kingdom.

We expect to watch the new Cambodian Hollywood movie soon

Design by: Visothkavei

I was trying to find the source but haven’t found anything about this cover design yet. I don’t mean to copy the work to put it here just post it and if you happen to know the source of this picture design.

It looks like real but i’m not quite sure if this is real one of just designing for fun because it is going to take 3 years to complete this movie production. But it said at the bottom of the design by Visothkakvai.

People wish to watch it soon, but we don’t know how soon is this going to happen. Any ideas?

Back to the early day when people discuss about this I found this youtube video as you can see from below the discussion was only from one person talking but generating lots more interesting ideas in that video alone.

So what do you think from your point of view as you are awaiting for this movie?

Story Theme…

There were 3 stages of the creation of the Great Khmer Empire, Anachak Phnom, Chenla and Angkor era. Later on the 3 kingdom became one and King Jayavarman II was a great emperor and military leader.

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — A famous Chinese action movie star Jet Li (Chinese name: Li Lianjie), and American movie actress Angelina Jolie are expected to be included in a new movie to be produced in Cambodia.

Jet Li, Angelina Jolie targeted for new movie in Cambodia

Watch TVK Interview with Thomas Magyar part 1 – 2

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The Great Khmer Empire Movie Staring Jet Li, Angelina Jolie, John Cena and Son Hye Kyo

Angelina Jolie is very well known among Cambodia since one of her movie “Tomb Raider” was shooting at the famous Temple of Cambodia from Seam Reap province, the Angkorean Temple. She also adopt a baby boy from Cambodia.

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