Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

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Interactive dialogue: Human rights in Cambodia 28th Meeting 24th Regular Session of Human Rights Council

The report of Prof. Surya Sobedi, special rapporteur of the United Nations for Cambodia on this September 24, 2013, is seen a huge wealth of knowledge and practical recommendation for the genuine reform of Cambodia. The responding of Mr. Sun Suon, a representative of Cambodia, is really critical to going along with the recommendation and he is so protective to the status quo of his government, while his opening statement is showing awareness on the finding without hesitation.

Further more, the guest comments from both Japanese and Australian government is very crucial for Cambodia to further commit on its reform pace. They clearly elaborated on the NEC reform, the vast irregularities of the recent election, the injustice and inequality in society, the call for working together of both key political parties etc.

Ms. Ruth Stone of Australia emphasized that the lack of confidence and trust on National Election Committee (NEC) from the Cambodian people has posed great threat on democracy development and national unity.

Further to above UNs’s report, EU and US etc. have issued its statement on political stalemate in Cambodia as a backward of democratization in this country, and they have called for greater political will to solve issue immediately.