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skills 3Do you want to manage your own career? Self-employment is an option for many people who want more independence or who are not finding the job they want in the employment market.

Self-employment can take many forms, both full- and part-time. For example, you could:

  • run a business on your own, with a partner or with employees
  • own and manage a franchise
  • work on contracts for different clients
  • hire yourself out as a consultant in your area of expertise

To succeed in self-employment, you need both skills and an entrepreneurial aptitude. Find out if self-employment could work for you.


As an entrepreneur, you’ll needs skills in several areas, including:

  • sales and marketing
  • business administration​
  • managing resources like time and money
  • interpersonal skills

At first, you will likely have to do all of these tasks yourself. Once your business starts to make money, you may hire support professionals, assistants or employees to help with the business.


In addition to business skills, you also need a variety of “soft” skills or attitudes. They can make all the difference in successful entrepreneurship. These include:

  • self-confidence
  • willingness to take the initiative
  • ability to keep things going from day to day
  • positive thinking
  • ability to spot new opportunities
  • creative thinking and problem solving
  • ability to work well with others and build a good team
  • motivation to succeed and accomplish things
  • willingness to take calculated risks
  • community-mindedness


Find out if you have what it takes to succeed in self-employment with resources from these agencies.

  • Business Development Bank  – Take this free online test to find out if your skills and comfort level are right for entrepreneurship.
  • GoForth Institute – Download the self-assessment quiz for a look at yourself, as well as the social, family and financial resources that can help you in your business.
  • Women’s Enterprise Centre – Use this tool to find out what traits you have that can help your business and what might cause challenges.


If you’ve decided that you’re ready or you want to explore self-employment further, use these resources to start your business planning.

  • Canada Business Network – Get reliable information on business topics ranging from naming your business to tax planning.
  • Small Business BC – Talk to experts, learn practical business skills and find dozens of free resources online for starting and growing small businesses.
  • Community Futures BC – Find small business programs, tools and loans for small businesses based in rural B.C. communities.
  • GoForth Institute – Use videos and resources that will help you build a successful small business.
  • Women’s Enterprise Centre – Learn how to start your business in B.C., get advice and find a mentor to help you stay on the right track.

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