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@Kevin Sok, as I have mentioned about durable information you have mentioned, you have always based on your personal factual description. What you mentioned about Beong Kok became Beoung Lou and it was resided by robbers, thieves or terrorists; where are the durable sources and where are your references? How is your virtue and mentality to biasedly accuse your debater in this stage as supporting opposition political party? For the sake of Cambodia and a learned one, I don’t think your debate approach is praised by the wise and served the best benefit for Cambodia.

1. Boeung Kok Lake is a natural lake can be considered as the ancient natural heritage hugely benefit for a wise developer.

2. Outcomes of a wise development remaining Beoung Kok Lake for both greenery sustainable investment and reducing the over flooding water in the city.

3. The concept of urban development and poverty reduction will not in the way that government has been operating nowadays.

Dr. Bunnarith elaborated in his paper that ““GREEN RING” concept will not only raise the spiral of economic development, improve urban life and urban community, but also care for the city’s scarce natural resource, not compromising future generations.” Source: and he elaborated on replacement and housing policy in the urban poor areas that “Yet, the Government is endeavoring towards enabling, not depleting, existing housing stocks and improving housing conditions so that people, including the urban poor, can live in a safe and secure environment.” Source:

So what you have said about the pollution of Beoung Kok Lake, the residents there are not blamable, it is the government’s will to govern their own citizens. However, I walked through behind Phnom Penh Hotel and around the area including boating around the lake, the situation is not like what you claimed. I praise the Phnom Penh municipality for their effort to maintain clean within the city. My personal factual description is different from you; I also can prove you by photos I took.

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