Force Eviction

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 20, 2012

Help sign petition for the freedom and justice for those victims of forced eviction in Cambodia

I think those 30 peaceful protestors have sneaked from the detaining centre for freedom already, but reading this petition and the involvement of Amnesty International in Cambodia affair is a sign that Cambodian victims at Borei Keila, Boeung Kak Lake and many other places throughout the country who are suffered by land grabs and forcible evictions, are not alone.

Join Amnesty International to Sign Petition to the Governor of Phnom Penh to release those 30 peaceful protestors for the rights of housing.

Dear Governor;

Objective: Free forced evictions protesters

I am very concerned at the arrest of 30 peaceful protesters on 11 January, including 24 women and six children, who are now detained at Prey Speu Social Affairs Centre, and call for their immediate release.

I acknowledge the government’s statement that these protesters are not detained; however, protesters report that they are unable to leave, have not been given access to local civil society organisations and are being requested to agree to resettlement documents before release. In my view this constitutes detention and I reiterate the need for their immediate release.

I urge you to conduct a full and independent investigation into the forced eviction of some 300 families living at Borei Keila, Phnom Penh on 3 January, including into why the eviction took place, and the apparent excessive use of force by security forces.

The eight villagers detained on 3 January must be released pending further investigations. The members of the security forces found to be responsible for excessive use of force on this day to be suspended and prosecuted.

Those forcibly evicted must be provided with adequate compensation and suitable alternative accommodation that meets international standards for adequate housing. You are obliged to prevent forced evictions and respect and protect the right to adequate housing, in accordance with international treaties to which Cambodia is a state party.

Posted by: | Posted on: January 15, 2012

Let collectively pray for those residents of Borei Keila who are forcibly evicted

Source: Venerable Luon Sovath Blog

Lord Buddha teaches us to sacrifice materials, relatives, personal organs and including personal life in order to safeguard the Dhamma or the rule of laws or righteousness. In Cambodia, the current flow of her society is in reverse to this teaching. Top leaders and their colleagues seem enjoy personal gains, personal materials, personal relatives and personal power more than any other things. Their gains are at the ridge of greed, hatred and delusion. It is at a clear spot of damaging the Dhamma.

Look at the development project, Boeung Kok lake as well as Borei Keila; the residents who have been living here have continuously received unfair treatment and forcibly evicted. The status of their citizenship and the status of their human dignity have been violently perpetrated by the powerful and the riches. Nonetheless, while winners have obtained all the capacities, the losers and the bottom-line Cambodians, have become the victims. They have been victimized unjustly. Dhamma of Lord Buddha has been twisted and manipulated by the winners and the powerful. The state of the weaks and bottom-line people are visibly placed as the guilty.

Let join together to pray for the well-being and safety of those forcibly evicted residents and their young children.

Image of detaining those people in a place which are not consented by them is the grave violation of human rights.

Image of policemen equipped by guns and buttons viciously forced those innocent residents. Image of policemen kicking that small boy is a grave violation of human rights.