Khmer Spring

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Posted by: | Posted on: July 29, 2013

Khmer Spring Embody in Cambodia

“Khmer Spring” is not at the horizon any more in Cambodia but please be aware that “Khmer Spring” is the “people power of non-violence”. When people’s sentiment is fueled, rumors to ignite that sentiment is non-stoppable. This is becoming easily disorganized. “Khmer Spring” must be well organized in the peaceful and non-violent manner. We have witnessed “Khmer Spring” since the mass crowd of youth come out to the street to greet Khmer nationalist Sam Rainsy in his return from self-imposed exile to avoid injustice conviction of the Khmer court which it has been worldwide affirmed as “politically motivated”. We are on the right track in undertaking “Khmer Spring” by exposing the “Popular Vote”. This operation is surely a successful “Khmer Spring” of non-violence. Let keep in mind that any act (thought, speech, action) that trigger delusion and hatred will never been called “Khmer Spring”.  Delusion and hatred will cloud the reality and it can unload many dirty consequences. Bravo Cambodian Compatriots! Bravo Khmer Youth!