Election Watch by Sophoan: Sport Footage for party campaign

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Among other means to attract voters, political parties have always produced their short video sports to address policy, social change advocacy, development plan, governance, natural resource protection, political platform and leadership etc. I have watched video clips from Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and I cannot stop my hand from sharing them with everyone.


There are three available clips of CNRP online. Each clip is depicting different stories and events. First clip described in details on the unification of Sam Rainsy Party and Human Rights Party by highlighting two prominent leaders: Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha. The speech at the first solemn meeting after the creation of this unity describes the key policies party to be carried out if the party won majority to establish the government. The statement is reflecting the inability and injustice which are mushrooming under the current leadership of CPP. Those policies are summarized importantly such as implementing liberal democracy and the rule of law, independent judiciary, limit the mandate of prime minister into two mandates maximum and protection national sovereignty. The policy is concise into 7 key points such as increase wage and living standards of the people, offering monthly support fund to seniors, increase wage for labors up to 150$ per month, public servants wage increasing, rice price must not be less than 1000 riel, health care is free for low income people, create loan for students to complete higher education, and reduce the cost of gasoline, fertilizer and electricity etc.

The second video clip echoes the fever of Cambodian youths in supporting the CNRP as well as their gangnam style songs describing the key policy of the party.

For third video clip, those footage describe extensively on the courageous action of Sam Rainsy in protecting the land of the farmers at the border, injustice towards those people, violence act of the authority towards the people, the land conflict and forced eviction, and the deforestation under the leadership of current ruling party (CPP).


The video clip is a political ads which is undeniable on its logic. Highlighting the success from zero ground during the Khmer Rouge regime by showing tall buildings, paving roads and stability, is logically undeniable. Using commenting speech by sliding the photos including crediting as much as possible to the prime minister candidate, is considered good plan on marketing.


The unification gave great philosophy to the CNRP on the agenda of national unity without categorizing any Khmer as enemy. CNRP has led an approach of diffusing new vision to develop this nation and this party has gained huge support on changing the leaders by mandating prime minister only two terms. Developing genuine democracy and the rule of law, bringing about independent judiciary, tackling corruption and sovereign integrity etc. are absolutely vital to the post baby boomers of Cambodia. The 7 key points have attracted baby boomers gigantically. However, the footage have not been professional edited and those footage don’t meet standard for public views.

While CPP has used the past memory of genocidal, year zero and civil war as the mean to attract voters, the displaying of new tall building, roads and stability have shared it huge vital voice as well. CPP’s short sport has been carefully checked and edited, the CNRP’s sports need to re-organize a little bit on both quality and quantity.

CNRP and CPP have two different political platform to attract voters: CNRP is diffusing new idea and vision to bring about positive change for this nation; CPP has strengthened its political status quo by using the strong mean of genocidal and civil war; or we can say CNRP is seeing the past as the great experience to push for today’s change for a better tomorrow while the CPP is dragging back to scare people about the past and give them a thought on the danger of changing.

However, according to records from other countries, the CPP’s approach is not relevant. If the CPP has no means of controlling the media, influencing on public servants including election committee, enjoy free ride of using public assets to run the election, the CPP has no chance to gaining votes from the people.

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