January 7 is analysed as dividing day for Cambodia political leadership

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 49

Image Credit: Ari V/ Shutterstock.com

Image Credit: Ari V/ Shutterstock.com

This part (49), Mr. Sophan Seng analysed the celebration of “January 7, 1979” in which Cambodia’s People Party (CPP) under PM Hun Sen’s leadership has always celebrated this day as liberation day. At all times, the party’s policy has condemned Khmer Rouge regime by valuing the invading day of Vietnam.

According to his view, many analysts have viewed this day as a “dividing day” for Cambodia politics. To prove its dividing synthesis, two factors are articulated:

  1. From the period of Angkor’s decline, Cambodia political leadership has been so divisive among Khmer leaders. Each side has always asked for aids from Siam and Dai Viet to support their causes to advance for personal powers and interests. Thus, the compensation was huge. Sometime, each side compensated national treasure, some time each side compensate land. As a witness, Cambodia land has been in a significant shrink.

  2. External political changes especially the aura of the cold war that each powerful countries took small countries as their hostage for negotiation. Cambodia was one of those states being brutalized.

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