Database Record part I

Posted by: | Posted on: January 5, 2019
Nation means the country that has existed population and sovereign independence. According to the Constitution, the people are the owner of the country, and the power to govern the country is the people exercising through their Representatives whom elected by the people to create, to monitor, to amend, and to enforce the laws. Government means the team of officers whose winning political party has rights to select Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet in accordance to the Statute on the Cabinet of Minister. According to current law, the members of Cabinet comprises of ministers to prime ministers and they are the member of the Executive Branch which has been mandated by the Constitution. They could exercise their power independently without interfering the power of Judiciary and Parliament. Note that after the amended law allowing Prime Minister to having power to nominate Secretary of State and Under-secretary of State directly, these two posts are not belonging to the Cabinet as the quota from winning political party any more, according to the law. In conclusion, the result of national election which is the election conducting by the single party, the election result is the single party result, which has led to the creation of an illegitimate Government of a single-party state government with composition members of Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, and Ministers. So, the Cambodia nation as a State comprises of over 16 million population with nearly two millions public servants of both civil servants and arm-force, they could conduct their legitimate tasks as usual as they are the technical team to serve the people. For the current illegitimate government, they have lost their own legitimacy to utilize nation wealth, to undertake decision-making for major tasks of the nation, to mutually conduct diplomacy with foreign countries, and to approve loans lending from foreign partners. What the current government has been undertaking at the present are just the perpetual power-abused. Canada, December 20, 2018 Read PDF of the database record of the CEROC Part I

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