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Posted by: | Posted on: March 26, 2012

Wrapping up of the Seminar on the Reconfiguration of the Khmer Soul

Op-Ed: Cambodia Buddhism

Listen the voice reported by The Khmer Post

Listen full version of the Seminar:

What is Khmer Soul? Could we call Khmer Soul as Khmer Conscience or Khmer Mentality?

Why we need to reconfigure the Khmer Soul? Khmer Soul has been damaging, changing or developing?

The seminar on 17 March 2012 is part of the questions asking above which need answer and extensive researches on it.

Please, spend some time to take a look at the photos taken from the scene of the Seminar and listen to the audio originally recorded at the Seminar.

Your engagement and participation is invaluable!

Posted by: | Posted on: March 8, 2012

Seminar on “Reconfiguration of Khmer Soul” on Marc 17, 2012

Original post at: World Khmer Supporters of Buddhism

You are cordially invited to this very important seminar on “Configuration of Khmer Soul”. The main purpose here is not about recollecting of typical Khmer soul rituals as believed and practiced by Khmer people, the seminar aims to elaborate on the Khmer Soul of Race/Nationality, Khmer Soul of Culture/Tradition/Costume/Buddhism, Khmer Soul of Social Affair, Khmer Soul of Economic, and Khmer Soul of Politic.

There is a part of your engagement by multi-choice questionnaires and input space of your thoughts and suggestions.

Don’t miss it, if you can not physically attend this Seminar, you can log into paltalk and enter into room named “CanCambodia”.

Thank you very much,

Sample of Seminar Paper On “Reconfiguration of Khmer Soul” on March 12, 2012: Introduction and Questionnaires