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Dear Cambodian Compatriots;

7 Sept 2013 Peaceful Mass Demonstration2

Although supreme patriarchs issued direction for monks not to participate with the demonstration, hundred of them came out to the freedom park equipped with ribbons, lotus flowers and yellow umbrellas. Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Today, Cambodia has witnessed the new chapter of its history in nation building process: transforming the culture of violence into the culture nonviolence. I have read this phenomena very long time ago and I am looking forward to seeing its transcendence. Putting aside the prolific speech of Sam Rainsy, president of the CNRP, at his convincing statement at freedom park: “today we are not only witnessing the protest against injustice but we are embracing the new culture of Cambodia: the Culture of Nonviolence”, I am convinced by the peaceful environment of the mass demonstration and the many thousands enthusiastic participants.

Those demonstrators have played good role model of well-informed citizens and well-disciplined political activists to other Cambodians countrywide. The security armed force has also demonstrated their understanding on how to perform duties properly and appropriately. Both demonstrators and policemen have demonstrated maturity and they are on the verge of “well-informed citizenship and well-disciplined political professional”.

7 Sept 2013 Peaceful Mass Demonstration

Freedom Park was restricted to 10000 participants by the authority while the CNRP asked for 20000 participants, but the real scene has been claimed of half million participants. Photo Courtesy: Facebook

For the preconception of the civil rights and liberty, those who have restrained from all types of abuses such as physical abuses, financial abuses, sexual abuses, verbal abuses and psychological abuses, are considered REAL ACTIVISTS of CHANGE; they are the CATALYSTS for CHANGE. Violence is the change resistant. Violence is stemmed by greed, hatred and delusion. Nonviolence is blossomed by giving or sharing, compassion and wisdom.

In the past, Lord Buddha built democracy by the march for Freedom and Enlightenment. To succeed this goal, He implemented the nonviolence method diligently, intellectually and effectively. Every time, He addressed the audience of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathy, and equanimity. The core stanza of his teaching is “No Other Happiness is Greater than Peace, Nibbana is the Greatest Bliss”.

7 Sept 2013 Peaceful Mass Demonstration4

Youths are courting authority to choose between guns and beautiful lotus flowers. Photo courtesy: Facebook

We must believe strongly on the effectiveness of this message: the message of PEACE. The mantra of PEACE and the mission of spreading PEACE have carried more weigh in bringing benefits to human beings. It doesn’t only help to disperse FEAR but also to increase CONFIDENCE and TRUST. Cambodian people especially YOUTHS have embraced this mantra since the DAWN of election campaign, and we should not allow the DUSK of this embracing mindset diminish from this beloved wonderful land.

With Love and Peace,


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