Translation of Negotiation Agreement between CNRP and CPP

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Political resolution between Cambodian People’s Party and Cambodia National Rescue Party


Translation of Agreement between CPP and CNRP-page-001–          By seeing the peaceful resolution through negotiation which is only best way to breakthrough the ongoing political problem after parliamentary election on the fifth mandate of the assembly on July 28th, 2013.

–          Respecting the wills of Cambodian people and for the greatest interest of the nation.

Top leaders of the Cambodian People’s Party and National Rescue Party met to discuss on July 22nd, 2014 at the Senate Building and agreed on the political resolution as outlined following:

Article 1:


Translation of Agreement between CPP and CNRP-page-002     Both parties agree on political resolution by working together within the assembly to solve all national problems in accordance with democratic principles and the rule of law.

Article 2:

According to the joint statement of the supreme meeting between Cambodian People’s Party and National Rescue Party on September 16th, 2013, both parties agreed to reform the election by creating the election institution as the full independent institution stipulated by the additional chapter of the constitution and committee of this institution must be selected by law-makers through utmost major votes of the total members of the assembly.

Translation of Agreement between CPP and CNRP-page-003The national election committee comprises of 9 members in which 4 members are selected by government-led party, 4 members are selected by assembly-seated party and 1 member is selected by agreement between assembly-seated parties. Assembly’s permanent committees must proceed with open and transparent selection submitted by national election committee to the assembly to vote in confidence. In case, there is no creation of national election committee, national election committee that has already been established continues its task and have authority to manage the election according to the law. National election committee has autonomous operational budget for their task.

Both parties agree to allow the existing joint committee


Siv-channa13-1continues to discuss on agenda of election reform in the future in accordance to the joint statement of task force committee of Cambodian People’s Party and task force committee of National Rescue Party on February 18th, 2014 in which it also includes the new voters registration procedure.

Article 3:

Both parties agree to reschedule the election date for the future election.


deadlock break in cambodiaArticle 4:

Both parties agree to separate the power between executive branch and legislative branch. Both parties agree to study aiming to amend the internal regulations of the assembly so that this institution can fulfill its task correctly and effectively, among those are lifting up the roles and power of the assembly-seated party that rejects to join with the government in accordance to the constitution, laws and factual legal interactions. Both parties agree to manage assembly important chairmanship by arranging roles and duties of the permanent committees of the assembly through the formula of 7

deadlock broken and releasewith 6 by creating additional expertise committee by having the chair of the assembly from CPP, first vice chair from CNRP and second vice chair from CPP. New creating committee is the tenth committee named “investigation, cleaning-up and anti-corruption” by separating from the fourth committee and change the name of fourth committee to “interior, national defense and public services committee”. Committees that CPP holds chairmanship and secretary are the second committee, the fourth committee, the fifth committee, the sixth committee, and the ninth committee. Committees that CNRP holds chairmanship and secretary are the first committee, the third committee, the seventh committee, the eighth committee, and the tenth committee. Each committee


Mu Sochuacomprises of 9 members. Any committee in which a part leads as a chair that party reserves 5 members and another party reserves 4 members.

Article 5:

Both parties agree to re-arrange the chairmanship of the senate.

Article 6:

Both parties agree to conduct reform and strengthen the important national institutions especially all independent institutions enabling to serve the nation and citizens in accordance to democracy of pluralism and the rule of law.

Article 7:

Both parties agree to study aiming to amend the ancillary regulations guaranteeing the implementation of the agreement.


CPP’s Representation                                         CNRP’s Representation



(Signed)                                                                                 (Signed)

Samdech Aggha Mahasenapady Techo Hun Sen      H.E.Sam Rainsy



(signed)                (signed)              (signed)                     (signed)

H.E.Say Chhum    H.E.Sar Kheng     H.E.Kem Sokha    H.E.Pol Ham

Translation of Negotiation Agreement between CNRP and CPP

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