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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 43

This part (43), Mr. Sophan Seng continued to analyse the Education Reform in Cambodia. This time, he keenly criticized the measure of strict exam of high school students (grade 12) during 2014 and 2015. The strict exam was only aiming to divert the attention of students’ parents who have disappointed with the inability to curb the rampant corruption inside the school compounds particularly during exams. Thus, these two years strict exam doesn’t translate the “Education Reform”, but it has translated something else outside of the core reform.
Further more, the strict exam and measures to monitor all activities of students including scanning from toe to head to search students’ sheet(s) and proctor in each room by watching from all directions. Policemen are also dispatched. The other government unit such as Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) has also taken in charge to reprimand, arrest and punish those cheated during exam.
Scene view of Cambodia Students during Exam 2015 - photo courtesy of MoEYs facebooke page.

Scene view of Cambodia Students during Exam 2015 – photo courtesy of MoEYs facebooke page.

All these are just part of Cambodian education version that has no deep knowledge about the impact on students in a long term human resources building. Psychologically speaking, students have lost self-confidence that could help to produce self-correction and self-realization. Students are eagerly waiting others to enforce them. In term of law enforcement, students should not be the target. Those violated the traffic lights should be paid attention more than students who have learnt to gain knowledge, not to pass the exam without having knowledge.

This tactic of reform will not lead Cambodia to gain genuine reform but to serve the interest of political campaign. Cambodia’s education reform must not focus on strict exam, and strict exam should not use for the grade 12 exam, but it should be used for high professional competitions or privileged universities entrance etc.