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Posted by: | Posted on: January 30, 2017

Remember Chea Vichea, Remember Politics of Fear in Cambodia

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 96

This part (96), Mr. Sophan invited every Cambodian citizen to remember Chea Vichea whose death has been very controversial during this 13 years of his anniversary. As of today, the authority can only inform his relatives and sympathizers on their ongoing investigation into the murdering by having never disclosed the progress and eliminated this culture of impunity.

Chea Vichea in 13 Years by CambodiaDaily

Chea Vichea in 13 Years by CambodiaDaily

The authority has likely embedded ill-will towards the dead and the supporters. This impunity has been a tool to continue “politics of fear” that has been well utilized by Hun Sen administration. Just reminding to the three well-known activists i.e. Chea Vichea who was President of Garment Labors Union, Chhut Wutty who is the environmentalist, and recently Kem Ley who is the social researcher and public commentator, it is sufficient to conclude that the aim and attempt of this continuing impunity is planned as an effective tool to shut down “freedom of expression” and to embed the “politics of fear” in Cambodia.

According to criminal law of Cambodia, the length of after 15 years in any crime case, it could be closed down in investigating and unearthing the motives, which is to make a non-stopped sarcasm of the justice system of this nation.