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Posted by: | Posted on: October 3, 2017

National Assembly seat reallocation floated on Fresh News

Now, it has come to the critical questions: 1. The Fresh News has always released news to open way for action (messenger to those unheard members?, or 2. Fresh News got information from internal action plan and has tried to test the water?

At the end, it is the rice has become a cooked rice (អង្ករក្លាយជាបាយ): step forward face the crocodile, step backwards face the tiger….it is all about the one person who are working to change the credible rule of the game (game changer) to fit his ambition.
In this moment, the victimized partner is silent which means allow the cruise to slip through its path without obstructing while enjoy the bigger space from cruise territory.
The critical question right now is not about plundering the fruits to own themselves or to distribute to others who have effortless grown the tree, the critical question is about the legitimate government to do such daylight plundering, and the legitimate government given birth from a legitimate election.
Khmer proverb say “the bigger balloon, the bigger perilous exploding” (ពើតប៉ោងកាន់តែធំ កាន់តែបែកខ្សុល)

National Assembly seat reallocation floated on Fresh News

Op-Ed: The Phnom Penh Post

Eisenhower wordAn opinion piece published by government mouthpiece Fresh News suggests, among other things, dissolving the Cambodia National Rescue Party and allocating its National Assembly seats to five minor parties, including Funcinpec, which plans to sue for the dissolution of CNRP.

The piece is the latest in a stream of often anonymous editorials and letters to the editor, which in the recent past have proven prescient during a crackdown on the opposition and media.

The article, under the name Baksey Chamkrong, begins by noting that the CNRP is guilty of “secret plans” of “colour revolution”.

The opposition party’s president, Kem Sokha, was arrested last month on charges of “treason”, and controversial amendments to the Law on Political Parties could allow for the dissolution of the CNRP if he is convicted.

Over the weekend, Funcinpec announced its intention to file a lawsuit to the Supreme Court requesting the CNRP’s disbandment.

“If CNRP is dissolved, then all seats … are divided among parties in the parliament. But because there are only two parties in the parliament, the CPP will get all 123 seats,” wrote Chamkrong, whose pseudonym translates to “Bird Guarding the City”.

Sotheara Yoeurng, legal officer at election watchdog Comfrel, confirmed that under the current law the seats “would be 100 percent allocated to CPP”.“In a real sense of democracy, it would be death,” Yoeurng said.

Deputy CNRP President Mu Sochua said such an outcome would violate the constitution, which describes Cambodia as a “multi-party democracy”.

Human Rights Watch’s Phil Robertson, meanwhile, said, “If the government really plans to dissolve the CNRP then it should just call off the 2018 election and proclaim PM Hun Sen dictator for life.”

Robertson called the article part of a “psychological operations campaign” against the opposition. “One by one, the CPP is whittling down the opposition through a mixture of threats and intimidation designed to stampede them out of the country,” he said via email.

Past Fresh News articles preceded the expulsion of the US-backed National Democratic Institute and the arrest of Sokha, with a parade of posts detailing the alleged involvements of both in anti-government conspiracies and colour revolutions.

In his opinion piece, Chamkrong recommends a compromise allocating seats to minor parties rather than for the CPP to take the entire assembly, following an amendment to the Law on the Election of Members of the National Assembly.

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