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Post National Election and The Challenges

The protest on the irregularities of the National Election in Cambodia on July 28, 2013 has become tense as the NEC has been distrusted by the people and international communities in conducting a free and fair election.

Analysts have been surprised by the huge crowd of Cambodian people especially youths participated in the political campaign, voting and observing their ballots.

From the stance of CNRP, the irregularities and NEC’s alone to handle complaints in the election is irrelevant. Third party such as civil society and United Nations are in need to ensure free and fair and possibly help the NEC to gain its credit as well. If NEC decide to solve problem by itself or participating only two key political parties, it will not assure the free and fair; and it undermines the will and rights of the electorates because NEC itself is the defendant and it can not play its role as the plaintiff at the same time.

Following are some evidences of competitive result, ballot protecting of those voters and recent gathering of the CNRP’s leaders to “thanks” the supporters.