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Khmer Spring Embody in Cambodia

“Khmer Spring” is not at the horizon any more in Cambodia but please be aware that “Khmer Spring” is the “people power of non-violence”. When people’s sentiment is fueled, rumors to ignite that sentiment is non-stoppable. This is becoming easily disorganized. “Khmer Spring” must be well organized in the peaceful and non-violent manner. We have witnessed “Khmer Spring” since the mass crowd of youth come out to the street to greet Khmer nationalist Sam Rainsy in his return from self-imposed exile to avoid injustice conviction of the Khmer court which it has been worldwide affirmed as “politically motivated”. We are on the right track in undertaking “Khmer Spring” by exposing the “Popular Vote”. This operation is surely a successful “Khmer Spring” of non-violence. Let keep in mind that any act (thought, speech, action) that trigger delusion and hatred will never been called “Khmer Spring”.  Delusion and hatred will cloud the reality and it can unload many dirty consequences. Bravo Cambodian Compatriots! Bravo Khmer Youth!

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Non-violence advocate of post-election in Cambodia

Dear Compatriots;


During this Election Counting and Final Result of Election, everyone should restrain as much as possible from any act of violence. We are Buddhist country, we love peace, non-violence and tolerance. Armed force must restrain from using gun or bullet to attack their own innocent citizens. The real meaning of people power is the power of non-violence and unity. May Lord Buddha bless you all!




No Violence

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Last Epilogue of the Cambodia Election

Let go to vote

Photo courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Social Business News

Courtesy: Social Business News

Reading many pages of newspapers, comments and think pieces. Watching many clips and pictures. Sensing many touches, reasons and imagination. Today is the last days of Election Campaign Trail. From 12:00 am midnight, the noisy street bikers will take a relax.


Cambodia is the Land of Wonder with the Contradictory Scenes and Sight-view. Angkor Wat is a great monument the world admired, the Khmer Rouge and the museum of Toul Sleng frighten the Cambodian people and the world. In the Campaign Rally: opposition leaders both HE Sam Rainsy and HE Kem Sokha from the CNRP walked through several mountains, rivers, rice paddies and people crowds for the CAMPAIGN, but HE Hun Sen and HE Chea Sim from the CPP have stayed in shade quietly. Today is the last day of Election Campaign Trail. From 12:00 am midnight, the distance walkers will pause for a reflection.


Meas Srey and Prum Chea were jailed almost a year by the court of Cambodia under the CPP’s leadership because of their uniting with Sam Rainsy to protect their farm land from the Vietnamese attempt to construct the border post there, now two of them are happy with their bravery action even-though the local authority and the government have never given up of pineapple eyes on them. Today is the last day of Election Campaign Trail. From 12:00 am midnight, the family of Meas Srey and Prum Chea will plan to grow rice in their farm land and be ready for a VOTE FOR CHANGE.


Noisy streets by those rallies will become quiet, but the street bystanders and vendors will not forget their involvement from shouting and signaling the support of NUMBER 7. When the street watchers are signaling to oppose the Campaign Rally, this phenomena speaks a direct language to the Rally’s Organizer.

For your entertainment, please watch two video clips below:

This first video clip was shot on 26 July 2013 in Phnom Penh posted on Facebook.

This second video clip was shot on 24 July 2013 in Siem Reap posted on Facebook

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Election Watch: Violence in the Election


A CNRP’s youth was hit by CPP’s youth
Photo courtesy: Facebook

response to clip

Messages to all TV channels and Radios which are attacking Khmer youth.
Messages are concerning on violence should not be incited between Khmers and Khmers. If violence occurs, foreigner has always taken advantage. All Khmers must wake up for a great unification as a Khmer family. Message advised all youth to conduct professionally, non-violence and stay in unity.
Photo courtesy: Facebook

After Aja A’s comment on violence and military coup will happen if the CNRP won the election, NEC has taken a historical action to order shutting down this radio channel. But civil societies are eager to see official confirmation from top officials of military and police department to this incitement comment. Aja A or Seng Bunveng’s comment is seen as intimidation during this election season.

However, it has become heating debate and sharing on facebook right now after CTN aired a video clip made by cutting from different sources accusing the CNRP’s supporters and youth as immature, bad behaviour and gangster. The clip televised throughout the country and ended by a song praising the CPP.

NEC must also take action on this airing clip whose content is considered causing hatred among political supporters. It is likely an incitement. After the airing many violences happened.

This is the clip aired by CTN accusing CNRP’s supporters are racist, disorganized, particularly young supporters (youth) are like gangster.

This is the clip of the so-called CPP’s young supporters are stoning at the CNRP’s young supporters. Many surrounding people tried to stop them.

This is a clip of another man who was bleeding on his head.

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Letter to the Editor of Phnom Penh Post about the Return of H.E.Sam Rainsy

The Return of Sam Rainsy and the Unresolved Challenges

Dear Editor;

Sophan letter, The Post, July 19 The futurists, the pragmatists and the traditionalists are now engaged in the state of strategic debate about today’s return to Cambodia of HE Sam Rainsy, after receiving a letter of pardon from the King of Cambodia.

The Futurists

This pardon is not something new as this same type of thing has happened before in Cambodian politics.

The pressure from the international community, especially the special resolution debated in the congressional’s subcommittees and the omnipresent rallies of overseas Cambodians worldwide served as more than just a spectacle for the Cambodian People’s Party in relation to their decision to request this pardon.

The term of “national reconciliation” has been used abstractly as political propaganda. However, the ruling party is stunted by the growing support, on a daily basis, of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP).

The Pragmatists

The argument for this side is about the realistic situation happening in Cambodia right now. The unification of Sam Rainsy Party and Human Rights Party to form the CNRP is a very constructive model in the perception of Khmer unity and national reconstruction. Publicly, many NGOs in Cambodia have gradually pledged to vote for the CNRP. These movements don’t include those businessmen and individual Cambodians, especially the youth, who are cheerfully expressing support.

For the opposition party who has survived through the generous financial support from Cambodians overseas, this is the most crucial time to raise funds from those diaporas.

Pragmatists see the returning of Sam Rainsy as very positive for the party because it is sure to boost its popularity. While Sam Rainsy has been known for his historical courage, clean record and integrity in Cambodian politics, HE Kem Sokha who is deputy of CNRP has been known for his formidable public-speaking skills and his sharp political instincts.

The return to Cambodia of Sam Rainsy from self-exile, while avoiding a lengthy jail term, raises major concerns about his safety and access to full political freedom. Taking Philippine’s Leader Benigno Aquino as the example after returning to his home country from exile in the US, we don’t want to see this incident happen in Cambodia. More than this, HE Sam Rainsy must be able to exercise his full political career in Cambodia by including him in the voting list and candidate rolls.

The support of the intellectuals, youth and urban citizens for the CNRP can be countered with those rural Cambodians who support the ruling party. CNRP has difficulty in garnering support in those remote areas, while the media that reaches them are visibly dominated by the ruling party.

Read More …

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Buddhist Rain Retreat and the Election Day

Buddhist retreat or vassa

First dark night of Asadh lunar calendar month is the day of Entrance of Spiritual Rain Retreat of all Buddhists. The departure conveys the Sangha Day of Buddhism in which this July 23, 2013, the Sangha will unionize to stay in one place together for the period of 3 months. Lord Buddha allowed these 3 months hibernation in the purposes to: refraining from traveling to long distance as roads are so muddy, participating in a vow of one place together, and strictly learn and practice the Dhamma.

The Sangha in general refers to Bhikkhu monks, Bhikkhuni monks, Upasaka lay men and Upasika lay women. But the strict Retreat Vow has been traditionally fully practiced by Bhikkhu monks and Samanera novices nowadays.

Cambodian Buddhists countrywide will make great merits during this important Vasa Retreat Entrance while the whole country is omnipresently visible of election campaign. As the message must be passed, the non-violence, tolerance and loving-kindness of the Buddha’s teaching, must be endorsed by all campaigners and political activists. They must go to cast their vote on the July 28, 2013 simultaneously without infusing fear, or being feared, and cast the ballot with personal strong will and conscience.

At the present, there are about 4000 monasteries residing by more than 60,000 Buddhist monks. If the rival parties are smart enough to draw votes from those monks who go to the polling station, they can sum up to their seats. And Cambodia is known as Buddhist country with the Buddhist population of more than 96%; if the political parties use their Buddhist context on campaigning, they might win the heart of the major voters to increase their seats as well as to celebrate the election at the end.

Happy Asadh Bochea Day for all Cambodians!