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Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha is remained a locus for political game of divide and conquer

Reading article by Alex Willemyns of the Phnom Penh Post today titling “waiting game pays off“, has

Hun Sen wrote to King for political pardoning on Kem Sokha. Courtesy: facebook

Hun Sen wrote to King for political pardoning of Kem Sokha. Courtesy: Facebook

troublesome intrigued human instinct to the smell of “immature politics” and “playing into the projected plan” of Cambodia political arena. Viewing through these video clips live-showed by Sam Rainsy’s facebook page, we could smell the immature behaviour of many uniforms dressed up by some youths in yellow colour illustrating the effort to bring Human Right Party (HRP) into stage or it is understood as a message of unsettle unionization between HRP and Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) into CNRP which is a postpartum since 2012. This assumption might be irrelevant but public stunt has always been making their own common sense as well as using their own judgmental rights like what H.E. Kem Sokha said in the first video clip at 50:40 minutes. He adamantly confirmed the royal pardoning has no string or anything in exchange in the following. Thus, he is soft or muting in his ever-made public speech on unity or Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha is one and individable etc. Drafting speech can go wrong out of core topic but this first public speech after the pardoning is really significantly needing him to claim the bonding as it is remained strong. Sorry that he should not miss this point but we understand the situation.

In contrast, H.E. Sam Rainsy through video-conferencing from Germany reaffirmed the importance of

In the same day, King stamped on letter of pardoning. Courtesy: Facebook

In the same day, King stamped on letter of royal pardoning. Courtesy: Facebook

bonding together to achieve the upcoming election in another 21:01 minutes video clip. The locus of game “divide and conquer” has triggered since the first day of returning back to the parliament when Kem Sokha lamented of his uneasiness to ascend to this scenario. Hence, his acceptance as a prestigious first vice president of the Assembly immatured many of his loyalists to stay on doubts on the “culture of dialogue” between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy. As a lesson learnt, both CNRP leaders used broad public speeches to criticize Hun Sen at helm until Hun Sen turned to his heritage sword: a strong man or an undemocratic strategies to jail, to attack, or to convict opposition leaders respectively. Cambodian citizens have viewed this game-play as a childish behaviour as key reforms and fighting against corruption have failed indisputably by Hun Sen’s leadership. Both Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha have learnt precious lesson on how the politics without principles have been pervasively operated under Hun Sen’s leadership. And it is like a life and death political scene which is visibly solely existing in Cambodia!

At the end, not major Cambodian citizens including Alex Willemyns have been trapped inside this

Thank you letter that Kem Sokha sent to Hun Sen one day before the pardoning letter arrived. Courtesy: Facebook

Thank you letter that Kem Sokha sent to Hun Sen one day before the pardoning letter arrived. Courtesy: Facebook

vacuum of none-principle political game. But major young voters including Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha have been well aware of living with it but being pragmatic about it. Major Cambodian citizens from all political tendencies have desired to having politics with principle as well as establishing a state with strong institution, so that their young children can enjoy future sustainability. Now, Hun Sen is calculating his chess game on bringing Sam Rainsy’s cowardliness to return back country and border’s scheme of changing constitution chapter II in order to likely weaken Sam Rainsy and lift up Kem Sokha, while the play of bringing sex scandal and enthroning Kem Sokha in high prestigious first vice president of Assembly couldn’t convince Sam Rainsy’s players to jump in.

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National Budget Plan 2017 of Cambodia Government to renew poor education reform

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 87

Courtesy: NotEnoughGood

Courtesy: NotEnoughGood

This part (87), Mr. Sophan analysed on Budget Plan 2017 sent by the government of Cambodia for approval from the parliament. As he focused on poor engagement and low budget allocation to the Ministry of Education, the bamboo shoots of future old bamboos is just a useful rhetoric for Cambodia. His recommendations has covered large topic of child development.

From now on, Cambodian children should be taken care and infused following indicators to ensure they are truly young bamboo seeds for old bamboos:

  • Emotional maturity (ភាពចាស់ចិត្តចាស់គំនិត): students-centered pedagogy and allowing more space for children to play and learn from their own intuitive is better than to having teacher keep eyes on them as well as lead them in all time. Good teachers will teach students to seek knowledge by themselves by facilitating road-map for them. Schools of early childhood learning is exactly a playground. Children love to play, and they are grown up from such plays.
  • Social competence(សមត្ថភាពសង្គម): working as a team is imperative to imply in this real world, not a dream world. Cambodian schools are good in helping students to walk alone into the uncertainty of their future. Many times, this model has failed students to incorporate with others in achieving common goals, and conflicts as well as violence has always happened in Cambodian society because of lacking team-building. Many world’s important days and holidays of the nation, are good in calendar and students are likely forced to memorize them. But in developed countries, pre-school students, kindergarten to grade 5, are involving with those days by different classroom activities such as drawing, visualizing, photo-copying, imagining, analyzing, and school tripping to those sites etc. It it normal to hearing students take turn to speak on microphone about the daily schedule and reporting news during each important session of schooling. It is normal to see students take care other students and helping them with traffic etc.
  • Physical health and well-being(កាយពលនិងសុខមាលភាព): lacking nutrition and hygiene are one part, but school with no playground and community with no recreation center etc. are the most unaware by the government in bringing physical health, mental health, and well-being of the students.
  • Communication skills and general knowledge(កំរិតទំនាក់ទំនងគ្នាល្អនិងចំណេះដឹងទូទៅ): my personal experience from grade 12 has been a live memo as I couldn’t communicate anything useful with the outside world at all. I cannot apply my knowledge from school with the real world at all. I asked myself that as I was a number one student in classroom on both math and literature made me shy, none-confrontational, avoiding, and unproductive at work like this or what?
  • Language and cognitive development(ការអភិវឌ្ឍន៌ជំនាញភាសានិងបញ្ញាញាណ): in developed countries, students are encouraged to learn at least two languages. Many universities accept students with bilingual or multilingual only. Researches found ability to speak many languages assure students’ high competency.