Sunday, February 12th, 2012

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Impressive movie clip from the Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia

I am very impressed by the humanitarian and philanthropic work of many non-Cambodian individuals in extending their compassionate hand and dedication for Cambodian children. For those foreign entities, their help generally becomes a good return on their investment of time and treasure as they help build the  foundation for this ravaged country by providing choices and opportunity for orphaned and vulnerable Khmer children and young adults. Among those entities, Mr. Rob, a Hawaii resident, has dedicated his time and energy for orphanage children in Cambodia, along with the group he founded, eGlobal Family. (  While serving in Cambodia his beloved wife of 31 years passed away suddenly in Hawaii and he was unable to be with  her during her last breathe ..this is sadness that is indescribable!

As I have concerned and learned a lot on philosophy of leadership, adversity and agony enable people to see the light of Enlightenment…this has happened with Mrs.Nuon, Phally (see video) who has turned all her past painful memory into humanitarian and philanthropy. She is reflective for many Cambodian people who have walked in the same path like her. However, there are many Cambodian people whose troubled lives experienced in this past tragedy have still deteriorated their present progress having often fallen into the trap of exploitation from others.

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Japanese song: But we wanna build a school in Cambodia

Tears have dropped down unconsciously while I was watching this video clip. I don’t understand the meaning of the song in Japanese language, but their appearance and activity tell us many things. The team of that Japanese students pursued zero tolerance in seeing Cambodian tragedy and stricken poor under such low arrangement on children and youth education circumstance. How could Cambodia build their bright future if those children grow up without schooling and equipping proper education? Those Japanese students have helped those children on how to catch the fish for their long term survival…we need this mentality and dedication for Cambodian future!