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Leadership skills are built by how much government take care children and family

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.” – Lord Buddha

2015-02-09 11.30.43Last time I wrote about “Leadership is about empowering children“, today I would like to digest on how democratic, developed and civilized countries have prioritized on family foundation and children guardianship policy. One of those countries I am going to showcase here is Canada.

There are critics on welfare state whose fallacy has resulted in many people ended up in making a living by the social welfare of the government. In this prospect, humble theorists on weaker people are to endorse support on short term rehabilitation so that they can find job and decent wage to feed themselves. There are categories of disable people on both mental and physical disability, seniors and others who are fallen in lifelong social support. Hence, those who are able to work, the support is not long lasting.

But the goodness to operate through this policy, the civilized 2015-02-09 11.30.09countries can ensure fair distribution of nation wealth to everyone. Government has collected money from both natural resources and taxes, and government is accountable to share those collected revenue equally to everyone. Those money belong to the people, not to the government staffs and elites at all. Those officials and top government leaders are the servants of the people. The state’s assets and wealth are belonging to everyone regardless of who they are. This welfare state policy has created to ensure this fundamental perception of human dignity and social equilibrium.

With those short term supports, government of Canada has projected to build long term capability of all Canadian citizens. Each year, both provincial and federal government has spent huge money in the effort to protect children from domestic abuses and looking after the well-being of family. Family is considered the important particle of the society and future effective generation for the nation.

There are different mechanisms to protect children through “Child and Family Services” such as:

  • To protect, serve, and enhance the well-being of vulnerable children, youth and families through engaging communities and leading in the creation and delivery of services.
  • Child abuse hotline
  • Child disability resource link
  • Bullying help phone
  • Kids help phone
  • Family violence info line 24 hours
  • 24 hours child intervention line
  • Etc.

2015-02-09 11.29.35Recently, the yoke of political competition has commenced government-led PC party, PM Stephen Harper, to announce the increase of Universal Child Care Benefit which will increase from $100 to $160 per month up to 5 years old and renewing benefit of $60 per month from 6 to 17 years of age for per child. Also, married coup family can claim more on delivering tax credit and fitness tax credit etc.

This increasing amount policy towards supporting children and non-separated couple families is a great move to help children’s healthy growth and family bonding. It has also reduced burden to hire professional social workers to handle this complex family issue.  

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Impressive movie clip from the Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia

I am very impressed by the humanitarian and philanthropic work of many non-Cambodian individuals in extending their compassionate hand and dedication for Cambodian children. For those foreign entities, their help generally becomes a good return on their investment of time and treasure as they help build the  foundation for this ravaged country by providing choices and opportunity for orphaned and vulnerable Khmer children and young adults. Among those entities, Mr. Rob, a Hawaii resident, has dedicated his time and energy for orphanage children in Cambodia, along with the group he founded, eGlobal Family. (  While serving in Cambodia his beloved wife of 31 years passed away suddenly in Hawaii and he was unable to be with  her during her last breathe ..this is sadness that is indescribable!

As I have concerned and learned a lot on philosophy of leadership, adversity and agony enable people to see the light of Enlightenment…this has happened with Mrs.Nuon, Phally (see video) who has turned all her past painful memory into humanitarian and philanthropy. She is reflective for many Cambodian people who have walked in the same path like her. However, there are many Cambodian people whose troubled lives experienced in this past tragedy have still deteriorated their present progress having often fallen into the trap of exploitation from others.

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Japanese song: But we wanna build a school in Cambodia

Tears have dropped down unconsciously while I was watching this video clip. I don’t understand the meaning of the song in Japanese language, but their appearance and activity tell us many things. The team of that Japanese students pursued zero tolerance in seeing Cambodian tragedy and stricken poor under such low arrangement on children and youth education circumstance. How could Cambodia build their bright future if those children grow up without schooling and equipping proper education? Those Japanese students have helped those children on how to catch the fish for their long term survival…we need this mentality and dedication for Cambodian future!

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Cambodian children are the young seed of Cambodia whom need special care and nurturing

To celebration the end year of 2011, Mr.Sophoan Seng, Khmer Youth Association of Alberta, CanCambodia, team-works and generous members, have initiated to help kids at two places in Cambodia in Siem Reap Province of Angkor Wat the Great.

First group of photos are illustrating Mr.Chanroeun Pa and his teams are distributing note-books, scarfs, shampoo, soap, detergent, dry Mii Yeuong noodles, study tools and cash to many kids who have been survived by the rubbish dump. Their living condition has been affected by rubbish environment which is located in remote area: no school, hospital and other amenities. Many kids and families have been moving here in hope for the career of SCAVENGING. Many generous, journalists and NGOs have stepped in to help them release suffering. Some donations offered, wells dug, and we hope that many other plans are on the row. If you wish to spare your heart and love, please do that…the location is following: Phum Tropaeng Thom, Tropaeng Thom Commune, Prasat Bakong District, Siem Reap Province.

Another group was led by Mrs. Chann to distribute note-book, pencil, pen and 500 riel cash to 500 students of primary and secondary school in Phum Dong-het, Khum Kok-thlok Krom, Jikrieng District, Siem Reap province. The school has located in the middle of four villages: Phum Dong-het, Phum Konsaeng, Phum Robieng and Phum Anlong Tro-orn at about 7 km north of national road number 6 at the Domrey Chlong point. During the civil war, this location was ravaged by the factional fighting between the Khmer Rouge armies and Vietnamese armies. The typical career of people here are farmers.

Thank you very much for your kind sharing and hospitality. We expect to receive your extending heart and love for those kids more in the future!!