Corruption elites and politicians have made a living at the expense of the poors Paradise Papers

Posted by: | Posted on: November 9, 2017

laundering 1 laundering 2 laundering 3 laundering 4Recent Paradise Papers leak is another effort to freeze dirty money laundering by corrupt people around the world. The Panama papers were primary source of worldwide campaign to freeze and stop all those money laundering and this Paradise Papers are hoped to aide more effective steps to pro-poor advocate by the groups of Investigator Journalists.

Cambodia has been seen over 300 individuals including 25 businessmen found who have used this channel to launder their dirty money in Cambodia. As noted, starting from the top leader (PM) to many of his cohorts and other patronage elites/links, are believed to vastly launder money in foreign networks especially they are found on both Panama Papers and Paradise Papers. And the world is organizing a “Black List” for those corrupted.

According to the Guardian news outlet, there are main reactions following:

Main reaction so far

Here’s a round of the key reactions so far to the first revelations in Paradise Papers:

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