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Government’s rebuttal to Human Rights Report on Cambodia by the US is out of common sense

Political Analysis:

“when one is out of common sense, one is likely chasing their own shadow without knowing the shadow’s owner” – Anonymous

common senseU.S. Department of State through its Diplomacy in Action has always released situations of human rights and democracy for many countries around the world annually. This 2016, with its tittle “Country Reports on Human Rights Practice 2016: Cambodia“, the reports echoed to its 2015 reports on seventh different sections such as respecting for the integrity of the person including freedom from arbitrary deprivation of life and other unlawful or politically motivated killings etc. by exposing the killing of Dr. Kem Ley and its distrustful legal investigation to punish the real perpetrator(s) as well as arbitrary arrest and detention by exposing several arbitrary arrests, pretrial detention, and denial of fair public trial etc.

This descriptive report is common sense to all Cambodian people and its report is based on NGOs’ reports in Cambodia. But this type of report is not void from a strong political rebuttal from the government, especially through her human rights department (please listen to spokesperson HE Kata Uon by RFI Khmer), without accepting the report to improve their work performance, the rebuttal is critical to deny and to defend themselves from any wrongdoings. Actually, there are many points to be learnt from the report. And the accusation that such report is the violation over Cambodia’s sovereignty is impregnably baseless. By looking at the regular conducts of the report and the nature of the report which was seems to re-organize information collected from annual database released by local NGOs in Cambodia, they are common sense that has been nationwide conveyed by Cambodian people. The rebuttal is likely opposing to such common sense perceived by the Cambodian people.

The spokesperson highly talked about the professional and technical workmanship within the government especially within their human rights department, but the verbal rebuttal and refusal rhetoric is significantly highlighting its lack of common sense, professionalism, and technicality. Cambodian people are speechless and hopeless to this kind of government leadership performance. Cambodian people need concrete policy framework documenting within a credential report or publishing to read rather than through relentless verbal attacks to major outsiders’ reports. This is a country, not an autocratic plot of land.


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Hun Sen has mainly focused his political tactics on divide and conquer through these 3 decades

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 90

This part (90), Mr. Sophan described the political leadership of Hun Sen to mainly focus on divide and conquer of his contenders in which this strategy was happened between nation-states conflicts, but conflict within a state, they have rarely operated like what Hun Sen has been doing in Cambodia.

Courtesy: SlidePlayer

Courtesy: SlidePlayer

At current situation, Cambodia is facing challenges to be easily fragile. When Hun Sen made several extrajudicial decision-makings to advance his chess-board tactics aiming to weaken, divide, and demolish his opposition, the fate of Cambodia is not sustainable at all. He has used the same pattern of tactic to lure his opponents. Using carrot and stick to favour one side, but disfavour another side, has been very popular in this not-nation-state-interest approach. Once, when he favoured Eung Huot, but disfavoured Prince Rannarith, finally Eung Huot divided from Prince Rannarith; when he said he can work with Ngek Bunchhai only, finally Ngek Bunchhai divided from Prince Rannarith; when he said Ieng Moly is good partner with him, Ieng Moly and Son San divided from one another. When he began “culture of dialogue” with Sam Rainsy, he said he could work with Sam Rainsy only, not with Kem Sokha. But now after King’s pardon Kem Sokha, at the first parliamentary meeting session, Hun Sen adamantly stated that Kem Sokha is his conversation partner singly.

Now, it comes to CNRP on how to perform its due diligence to handle with these severe attempts. While the attempts to divide two top leaders, these historical tactics had worked well with strong top down approach leadership and corruption addiction occurring in both Funcinpec and National Liberation of Son San party, then we do believe it will not be problematic when both Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha who have learnt very well of these historical tactics and both leaders have purified themselves from all mentioned disqualified leadership, the divide and conquer attempts shall be in vain. On the other hand, as CNRP has strong body and legs, the shaking head cannot tumble the body and feet easily. These head, body, and legs, need political maturity and due diligence to achieve its goal of commune election 2017 and national election 2018. Thus, the 55 law-makers from CNRP whip especially the minority leader and committees chairs can impeach anyone including Prime Minister Hun Sen from power when gross mistakes are found and each case has been diligently and professionally researched and published.

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The rule by law of Hun Sen administration is facing severe counterproductive

Political Analysis:

CPP’s party convention on December 18, 2016 came with the statement on pushing for further “reforms” and “culture of dialogue” in which the stance is like previous party convention statements. Hence, the statement and the action have already displayed contradictory landscape. The subsequent statements are viewed of propaganda rather than political will to ascertain them. The perception of the public especially those facebookers and online youth savvy users have highly conveyed on “double standard” being used by the Prime Minister to influence all sectors of the government cells to incline in such “rule by law” in a tapestry of legal enforcement. “Rule by law” that is described as “double standard” implementation was called by international expertise to subsume current practices of Hun Sen leadership in which “rule of law” has been visibly disregarded.

“Rule of law” which is known for “institution building” is not in sight of Cambodia incumbent leader. He has tantamountly operated like a state of nature shadowed by his supreme and sacred leadership to team up “clan” by using law to favour his side but not the other side, and this is called “rule by law” by foreign expertise.

Left: Chean Pisith Right: Sum Putthi Photo courtesy: facebook

Left: Chean Pisith
Right: Mong Putthi
Photo courtesy: facebook

Look at the bottom line of population, the social disintegration and popular discontent towards such top down “rule by law” has gradually widened. The example case happening in Poipet while a policeman named Chean Pisith fell down in front of a car, and policemen handcuffed the driver named Mong Putthi immediately without waiting a thorough investigation, is critical. Watching video clip filmed by bystanders, the policeman tricked to fall down himself in front of the parking car aiming to accuse the driver who is the activist of Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). Now, the legal needs are met as Doctor issued confirmation letter of injury and unconsciousness of the policeman while the public has cried out loud on such trick committed by Chean Pisith and colleagues.

This case is one of the hundred cases illustrating maltreatment and extrajudicial conducts of incumbent government. Many broad daylight murderings have been in impunity. Many trials on both civil society members and opposition political activists are not comparable to the illegal and crime committed by the powerful side viewed by the public. The trend has become more serious and it is believed to be more fragile and polarized within this society under Hun Sen leadership.

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The border scheme and the controversial map between Cambodia and Vietnam

Recalling the Scheme:

Recently, the scene of Cambodia politics has shifted from violence-pro activities orchestrated by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet towards discussing sensitive issue each competitive political party is

Courtesy: Phnom Penh Post in Khmer Language

Courtesy: Phnom Penh Post in Khmer Language

challenging to draw attention from the public for election support. As the matter of fact, CNRP has been cornered by Prime Minister Hun Sen in many aspects: after CNRP MPs entered the Parliament building, the “culture of dialogue” was promoted between Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy by leaving Khem Sokha in limbo; but while this approach is not meaningful for Hun Sen, the violence habit did occur instantly such as pro-CPP violent demonstrators to oust Khem Sokha from first vice president of the Assembly, and the severe physical attack on two CNRP MP members namely Nhay Chamroeun and Kong Sophea; the use of court to convict and jail both top leaders: Sam Rainsy and Khem Sokha, and the continual measures to tightening the politics of threat towards all CNRP’s members.

While the political misbehaviour of Prime Minister and his Cabinet has been unable to be checked by the State’s institution, the mischievous actions don’t translate righteousness to Prime Minister at all in order to maintain his long term political career on behalf of CPP party chief as well as in front of millions of Cambodian voters who have been concerting towards “change” for this country through the power of “ballot”.

Engagement between the Youngs and the Olds in Cambodia:

Courtesy: Cambodia Daily

Courtesy: Cambodia Daily

While the technical issue of map has longed of its disarray on the border demarcation between Cambodia and Vietnam, as now it is appearing for a public stunt, the disclosure of private conversation between Hun Sen and Thy Sovantha aka petite advisor Prime Minister called during whatsapp chatting, has significantly overhauled the violence’s status quo and it has likely been attempted to be forgotten. The chatting was uncertain at the beginning but after more leaks have come to the public especially the chatting between Thy Sovantha with Hun Manith, son of Hun Sen who is holding special position in the government as FBI-like department, to organize force to topple and humiliate opposition’s leaders unlawfully, the online childish-like chit-chatting is assumed genuine. Through those lengthy chit-chatting, one could summarize the topics are from personal health check, to family members linkage, to plans of toppling and intimidating opponents, and to disbursing one million of dollars to cover up Thy Sovantha’s assigned tasks etc.

What is intriguing for the public and Cambodian observers is the chit-chatting between grandpa and grandchild sounds non-serious, nonsensical, and miscellaneously. But the outcomes from such miscellaneous has surely shivered the opponents on prospective violence that have been running unchecked by the State. As the secrete has embodied to the public, the action plans from this unlawful activity might be undeterred, and the youngs are visibly exploited by the olds at the highest.

Cambodia’s Border Scheme through lens of the Pragmatists, the Conservationists, and the Whistle-blowers:

Courtesy: RFA Khmer Service

Courtesy: RFA Khmer Service

After listening to RFA in Khmer services for their “call-in-show-forum” program (as recorded in youtube here), listeners might be serious, entertained, or sitting idle as usual. The five guests have expressed their diverse opinions among one is representing government (sic), and other four are representing non-governmental citizens; unfortunately, we didn’t have one official representation of the government to the show. With explicit ardent interrogative questions from the host, Mr. Chun Chanbot, Sam Rainsy who is president of the CNRP has exhibited his pragmatism into the issue more than other elses. His approach to always anticipating “dialogue” to keep the flame alive over all sensitive issues within Cambodian contexts. His firm stance on protecting Cambodia interests doesn’t mean he must reject other alternative scenarios.

The border’s scheme between Cambodia and Vietnam, like it or not, it has become a play full of fever audience, screaming, exploitation, and deadly consequences. For static conservationists, the great past of Cambodia must be revitalized while their actions and plans are not tabled to discuss on how and when we are going to achieve it. For whistle-blowers, the noisy street talkers are usual in their daily business, while the doers are always facing searing deadlock. As a leader of more than half of total country-population voters, Sam Rainsy has scrupulously stepped ahead many steps to ensure the boat is vital leading to “ballot” power in 2017 and 2018. In short, the triggering scenario from Prime Minister must be attentively conveyed although we don’t know how much PM has seriously studied on such proposal, but it is a politics which means so much on its consistent changing moment to always anchor the momentum. The agreement between Cambodia and Vietnam to propose legal map from France government to judge on all odds of border demarcation irregularities between the two states is heard from government’s rhetoric, but till today we have not seen any public note or transparency from such agreement. If government’s border-related department don’t disclose the agreement to officially request map from France, and if none of the other Cambodian parties have joint this task-force, the business of border politics is not different from those static conservationists and street talkers.

Cambodia needs a “complete one-package framework” to solve border scheme as well as to alter borderline politicization that has always hindered sustainable growth of Cambodia.

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Conversation between Hun Sen and Thy Sovantha or aka Petite Advisor

Ms. Thy Sovantha and Phe Sovannarith uploaded at least 408 pictures phone-screened the conversation between Prime Minister Hun Sen and Ms. Thy Sovantha through Whatsapp. If the conversation peer is genuine, there are many info to be learnt about dirty tricks in politics galvanized by Hun Sen to weaken his opponent, CNRP’s leaders. Below are some of the recent selective chatting sheets.

hs-1 hs-2 hs-3





hs-6 hs-7 hs-8








hs-11 hs-12 hs-13-to-2023





hs-16-swearing hs-17 hs-18





hs-21 hs-22 hs-23





hs-26 hs-27 hs-28



















Photos courtesy: Phe Sovannarith’s Facebook

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Voters Registration Appeal

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 84

Op-Ed: The CEROC

This part (84), Mr. Sophan is appealing of eligible Cambodian voters to register to vote collectively in order to push for a positive change of the country. Since the election in 1993 organized by the United cambodia-votesNations, election was inclusive and nondiscriminatory by allowing all Cambodian voters to vote regardless of where they are residing. Many Cambodians overseas were able to join the election through different poling stations that UNs arranged in key cities such as New York, Paris, and Canberra etc.

During this period of voters registration, our current NEC has failed itself by not making any significant decision-making to allowing or facilitating for Cambodians overseas to register to vote at all.

This inability is a failure to respect the will of the people from all walks of life. Hence, the worse intention of any body or party who has worked hard to manipulate the result of election, that doesn’t reflect the will of the voters, should not be vital to the dignity and survival of that person or part at all.