Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from Young Khmer Generation 9

Posted by: | Posted on: February 24, 2015

This part, the author analysed on good characteristics and visions of leaders by depicting “good characteristics of people” according to Buddha’s teaching as following:

  1. Knowing principle and knowing causes = it means leaders must balance all incoming data and information
  2. Knowing objectives and knowing results = leaders must know the set goal and encounter with all results
  3. Knowing oneself = leader should know his own ability, tendency, weakness, and strength
  4. Knowing moderation = as human craving is indefinite, leaders must consume material and money for necessary to achieve their good mission.
  5. Knowing occasion = there are many occasions in leadership that leader are facing with in front of their eyes and their mouth, they must select words to communicate and enforce it.
  6. Knowing company = there are different groups of people with their common interests and traditions that leaders must prepare in advance before association or joining with the group.
  7. Knowing persons = again, social issues are handling with human beings or persons that all leaders must know their traits, tendency, culture, and tradition etc.

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