Monday, March 2nd, 2015

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism by Young Khmer Generation 10

Dependent island for good leaders rest on 10 factors: Sila = good conduct
2. Pahusacca = great learning
3. Kalayana Mitta = good company
4. Sova Cassata = meekness
5. Kim Karaniyesu Dhakkha = willingness to give a helpful hand
6. Dhamma kamata = love of truth
7. Viriya Rambha = energetic exertion
8. Santutthi = contentment
9. Sati = mindfulness
10. Panna = wisdom

(Listen to this whole analysis by Sophan Seng through CMN Radio on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 @ 6:30am time in Cambodia)

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How much you are aware of LEADERSHIP? And how much you have delved into developing yourself into EXTRAORDINARY LEADER?

I have compiled many skits to help with your EXPLORATION. They are short but concise, attractive and legible.

leadership-stock-art-304xx3310-2214-0-52 leadership-presentation-4-638 leadership-poem Leadership-abstract-007 Leadership Skills 1 Leadership is not about Income Leadership chart leadership excellence graphic 2 leadership excellence graphic 1 leadership excellence graphic Leadership Characteristics of a Leader leadership 3 leadership 2 leadership 1 'Leadereship' highlighted in green leadership leadership leader