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Cambodian people are rebellious in front of all injustices

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 82

Courtesy: Reuters

Courtesy: Reuters

This part (82), Mr. Sophan described the non-stopped “rebellious behaviour” of Cambodian people to against those mischief behaviour, corrupt, and dictator leaders. The struggles of Cambodian people to call for both domestic social justice cultivation and foreigner occupation have emerged since the colonial era.

Historically, Cambodian people stood up to protest against Kings, Colonist, and Leaders, especially all occasions of occurring social injustices. Recalling the umbrella war led by Bhikkhu monks, the Somlot uprising, 1998 and 2013 protest against election fraud, to mention a few, all are anatomy of courageous and rebellious Cambodian people. Thus, the assumption French colonial looked down on Cambodian people as weak, submissive, peaceful, and fearful citizens, have been vehemently wrong.

Just during the power span of Prime Minister Hun Sen, several protests have risen up and each protest has been visible in its gradual strength and solidified. The last largest protest in 2013 is a sign for Prime Minister Hun Sen to consider lowering down his leadership style of authoritarianism.

But the style has seems unchanged and sometime more severe into building up people enemy. Arresting political activists and civil society staffs to put in jail is not a good exit way to reduce people rebel. Non-stopped humiliating on grassroots peaceful demonstrators such as the land rights activists and human rights activists through allowing third hands personnel to beat, to bleed and to harass those demonstrators with shielding them from legal conviction, or act as state-sponsorship violence, shall create more outrage sentiment towards from the Cambodian people towards Prime Minister Hun Sen. The clear injustice judiciary system shall also encourage people to unite for their forever struggling cause.