Government belongs to the Cambodian people, not to any particular political party

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 104

This part (104), Mr. Sophan analysed on “Government belongs to the Cambodian people, no one can privatize government”.

Members of CabinetWith this prudent aspect, Cambodia is Constitution-based nation. As said, political parties are just part of the nation’s actors paralleling to civil societies and other spatial communities in which hose actors are generally called “stakeholders”.

Cambodian people have placed in a grey zone in comprehending the government leadership especially the government has irresponsibly worked to cloud the Cambodian people not to see the government as it is belonging to the Cambodian people through all provisions by the current Constitution, not belonging to any political party.

One of the examples is government leadership structure or bureaucrats. The government-led part is not the government although those top leaders including Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Council Ministers, and Secretary of States or all of them are called “members of cabinet”, are from a party.

Those members of cabinet swore in to office to serve the people, to abide by the Constitution, to protect national interests, and to protect Constitution etc. Each provided royal degree to those members mean they have passed credentials, qualifications, and undertaken high esteem of responsibility in front of the King, the Cambodian people, and the Constitution.

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