Kem Ley vs Hun Sen on war threatening if he lost power through election

Posted by: | Posted on: April 25, 2017

Political Snapshot:

It has been surprised by all Cambodian citizens when prime minister of Cambodia has repeatedly warned Cambodian people about the war if Cambodian people are going to vote for change.

hqdefaultThis public rhetoric has been used several occasions by PM. It has remarkably backfired in 2013 as the Cambodian voters already warned PM on this unproductive unwavering threat of war if he lost power.

The latest “game at play” of PM was his remark during a bridge inauguration presided over by Prime Minister of Vietnam near the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. His ruthless speech on triggering war if his power will be changed by election in front of Vietnam’s leader and his excuse to violate over Cambodia’s diplomacy protocol in speaking Vietnamese language in his host country, all are noticeably not anew but a subservient and weak mindset of Cambodia’s prime minister.

Recalling this war threatening, Kem Ley posthumously named “Cambodia Hero of Golden Speaker”, once pointed out explicitly and implicitly towards the PM’s irresponsible state leadership.

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