Political applicability and financial manageability of 5 points policy of CNRP

Posted by: | Posted on: April 9, 2017

Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 101


5 Points of Policy from CNRP to campaign for vote for this Commune Election of June 4, 2017

This part (101), Mr. Sophan analysed on the standard of policy platform for political parties to campaign for vote. By describing the five points of CNRP, Mr. Sophan elaborated the exclusive applicability, financial manageability, and its merits and wills to implement them aiming to success.

The five points that are covering on all political aspects of good governance, respects of human rights, sustainable development and increasing family income, especially the strengthening of local government through allocating $500,000 US to each commune for its operational budget, all are seen critical.

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