Most beneficial merits of Pchum Ben Khmer

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 80

This part (80), Mr. Sophan is recalling the importance of Bon Pchum Ben during this festival sessional A modern Khmer artperiod. As a reminding, Cambodian Buddhists who are offering foods to Bhikkhu monks aiming to dedicate merits to those passed away ancestors, should reflect on themselves on how they are living with those blessing such as “may they be happy, and end of suffering”. By such self-reflection, the Cambodian people will see their own livelihood and uncontested sufferings in present society.

Pragmatically, we could not endorse happiness to those deads if we have not accumulated happiness in the present livelihood.

Also, the offering of food signifies wealth and material, while the offering of knowledge (Dhamma) shall yield more fruitful results to all Cambodian people.

  • Bhikkhu monks should preach in short and interact more (answering the questions and doubts) with audience in details and long.
  • Dhamma attendants especially those seniors must play role model by listing to deepen knowledge and increase wisdom rather than such shallow believing in gaining merits from listening.
  • All Bhikkhu monk preachers should pass training of “preaching courses” at the minimum.
  • The dedication of merits to the death is important paralleling with the living.
  • The most meritorious deeds are the respect of human rights and freedom of expression in society.

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