Hun Sen has mainly focused his political tactics on divide and conquer through these 3 decades

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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 90

This part (90), Mr. Sophan described the political leadership of Hun Sen to mainly focus on divide and conquer of his contenders in which this strategy was happened between nation-states conflicts, but conflict within a state, they have rarely operated like what Hun Sen has been doing in Cambodia.

Courtesy: SlidePlayer

Courtesy: SlidePlayer

At current situation, Cambodia is facing challenges to be easily fragile. When Hun Sen made several extrajudicial decision-makings to advance his chess-board tactics aiming to weaken, divide, and demolish his opposition, the fate of Cambodia is not sustainable at all. He has used the same pattern of tactic to lure his opponents. Using carrot and stick to favour one side, but disfavour another side, has been very popular in this not-nation-state-interest approach. Once, when he favoured Eung Huot, but disfavoured Prince Rannarith, finally Eung Huot divided from Prince Rannarith; when he said he can work with Ngek Bunchhai only, finally Ngek Bunchhai divided from Prince Rannarith; when he said Ieng Moly is good partner with him, Ieng Moly and Son San divided from one another. When he began “culture of dialogue” with Sam Rainsy, he said he could work with Sam Rainsy only, not with Kem Sokha. But now after King’s pardon Kem Sokha, at the first parliamentary meeting session, Hun Sen adamantly stated that Kem Sokha is his conversation partner singly.

Now, it comes to CNRP on how to perform its due diligence to handle with these severe attempts. While the attempts to divide two top leaders, these historical tactics had worked well with strong top down approach leadership and corruption addiction occurring in both Funcinpec and National Liberation of Son San party, then we do believe it will not be problematic when both Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha who have learnt very well of these historical tactics and both leaders have purified themselves from all mentioned disqualified leadership, the divide and conquer attempts shall be in vain. On the other hand, as CNRP has strong body and legs, the shaking head cannot tumble the body and feet easily. These head, body, and legs, need political maturity and due diligence to achieve its goal of commune election 2017 and national election 2018. Thus, the 55 law-makers from CNRP whip especially the minority leader and committees chairs can impeach anyone including Prime Minister Hun Sen from power when gross mistakes are found and each case has been diligently and professionally researched and published.

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