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Political Paradigm of Pragmatism from the Khmer Youth part 32

This part (32), the author Mr. Sophan Seng continued to discuss the political platform of political parties in working towards building social bond and social capital.

The government public servants accounting from prime ministers, to ministers, and to all levels of officials must speak the same voice that the people are their master, they are the servants of the people. State is just a mediator or facilitator to collect taxes and revenue from the people to serve the people. Partly, the money is used for those public servants salary, the rests are used for public good.

Cambodian people have been manipulated by the powerful. And Cambodian people are taught to clinging to entitlement for the future search of their children by exposing the idea that to be public servants shall live an easy life, much respected, and high status in society. This manipulation is created to endorse wrong perception and adding up the corruption behavior.